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The black star is the official symbol of IAT, together with the red shadow it means anarchism

The International Anarchist Tribunal

The official pages of the International Anarchist Tribunal of IFA-IAF-AI, founded 1982.


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The IAT official website is http://www.anarchy.no/iat.html


The Southern IFA-IAF federations have put up an article with an "anorg-warning", at http://www.iaf-ifa.org/documents/anorg_warning_norway.html. This hysterical rant is almost entirely false, and not based on reliable sources including notable third party resources.

In the document THE SO CALLED "ANORG-WARNING" IS FALSE http://www.anarchy.no/anorgwarning.html  we have rebuffed, rejected and turned down all these lies with sound, matter of fact, scientific arguments. These lies from the Southern IFA-IAF federations are in red, while our answers are in black in the document. The same is valid for http://flag.blackened.net/liberty/anorg-warning.html, that they have quoted. These webpages at iaf-ifa.org and flag.blackened.net are a total hoax.

In this research we have not only quoted material from the Northern sections of IFA-IAF and the Anarchist International, but also independet third party sources, such as the Bulletin CRIFA, the main organ of the southern sections of IFA-IFA, letters from CRIFA, the French anarchist paper Le Monde Libertaire, and the British journal Black Flag, the Organ of Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) plus three main newspapers in Norway, Dagens Næringsliv, Finansavisen and Verdens Gang, CNN, and a letter from CNN to AIIS/AI, etc.

THE SO CALLED "ANORG-WARNING" IS FALSE, see  http://www.anarchy.no/anorgwarning.html, also includes a warning about defamation, libel and lies against The Northern Anarchist Confederation (NAC) - Anarkistenes organisasjon i Norden (ANORG), and the Anarchist International in general, www.anarchy.no & http://www.anarchy.no/ai.html; - a Brown Card from the International Anarchist Tribunal (IAT) http://www.anarchy.no/iat.html will be the result of such authoritarian, ochlarchical behaviour.

Since the guilty of this ochlarchy, Jamal Hannah, Peter Bach, Robert Wogatze  and the Southern IFA/IAF-federations*) have not deleted these files, after Brown Card warnings, they get a Brown Card, according to the Oslo convention, indicating a clear brown authoritarian tendency. Feel free to read the http://www.anarchy.no/anorgwarning.html and see if you agree to the decision. The lies in the so called "anorg-warning" have also been promoted by Zazaban and Per Bylund, two authoritarian individualists and ochlarchists. These lies about the Anarchist International have also been promoted by another authoritarian ochlarchist, falsely posing as 'anarchist', i.e. Milos Rancic a.k.a. Millosh. They also get Brown Cards.

According to the Oslo Convention, click on the link above  - "The Oslo Convention and the Media" - a Brown Card in general means expulsion from the anarchist movemement. This is in this case valid for Jamal Hannah, Peter Bach and Robert Wogatze, plus Zazaban, Per Bylund and Milos Rancic a.k.a. Millosh. However we see hope for the Southern IFA-IAF federations*) in the long run, so as a special case they are not expulsed, but suspended, i.e. a disallowance  and rejection of their congresses will remain as long as the marxist leftist/collectivist/communist and ochlarchical tendency is dominant.

G. Johnson
for IAT

*) These Brown Cards are handed out to all the Southern IFA/IAF-federations except the Spanish FAI and the Argentinian FLA, that are considered less authoritarian. Also the British and Anglophone Anarchist Federation http://www.anarchy.no/afb.html, that is only partly a Southern IFA/IAF federation, has not got a Brown Card. 01.08.2008 and later updated. More information at http://www.anarchy.no/southern.html.

This webpage is http://www.anarchy.no/browncard.html