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The WSC-IFA, the World Secretariate and Commision of IFA, is the world Secretariate and Commision of Relations of IFA (C.R.I.F.A) and also the World Wide Web Commission of the AI/IFA, mainly located in Oslo - the capital of Norway, and founded 15-17 October 1982, (see Bulletin C.R.I.F.A No 42 novembre-février 1982 p. 4.). The WSC-IFA was established on the Internet July 19th 1996. In 1997, rooted back to a congress in 1988, the term Anarchist International was introduced. The constitution of the Anarchist International, AI, was officially confirmed on the International Anarchist Congress, i.e. the 5th Anarchist Biennial, arranged by the NAC/IFA/AI in Oslo medio December 1998. After this congress the WSC-IFA is also called the AI-secretariate, AI/IFA-secretariate as well as IFA-secretariate and C.R.I.F.A. AI is a world wide network, and thus broader than the IFA-federations, but also includes the IFA-federations in the North and South.

The WSC-IFA is also the web-moderator and web-master of the web-sites at www.anarchy.no . The WSC-IFA also distributes e-mails for several organizations/federations of IFA/IAF/AI. The suffix "no" indicates a) the domain "anarchy" is officially registered in Norway, the most anarchist country in the world today, and b) it stands for North in general. However also some southern anarchist federations/organizations are using WSC-IFA and www.anarchy.no as ISP/host/webhotel. The AI is a global organization with affilated groups and individuals both in the north and in the south, i.e. world wide.

Since 1986 the IFA/IAF/AI secretariate in Oslo has been the only valid Secretariate and Commision of Relations of IFA/IAF/AI, i.e. for the world, see http://www.anarchy.no/ifadok.html, http://www.anarchy.no/mandate.html, http://www.anarchy.no/southern.html, http://www.anarchy.no/ai.html, http://www.anarchy.no/ifa.html, http://www.anarchy.no/ija235.html and http://www.anarchy.no/ija338.html. As mentioned in 1996 the secretariate went online.

The IFA/AI-secretariate in Oslo has since 15-17 October 1982 been officially mandated to "contribute to organize common arrangements, among other things, congresses, conferences, anarchist tribunals, symposiums, summer camps and cultural arrangements", for the Anarchist International, via the bulletin ifa-Solidaritet, (iaf-Solidarity), later renamed the International Journal of Anarchism, IJ@, and with a wider mandate, i.e. for the world, (see Bulletin C.R.I.F.A No 42 novembre-février 1982 p. 4.) .

The mandate of WSC-IFA was confirmed on the International Anarchist Congresses, i.e. the 4th, 5th and 6th Anarchist Biennials, arranged by the NAC and AI/IFA medio december in 1996, 1998 and 2000. The WSC-IFA is a service organ of the Anarchist International broadly defined, with several co-ordinating functions, but it has no political power or authority whatsoever. The AI-secretariate has freedom within a framework decided by congresses, and is not a central committee, but purely an advising organ.

The AI-Secretariate, WSC-IFA, is elected by the paying, full, members among the about 2000 networkmembers/subscribers, groups and individuals, of AI, of which about 500 are in the Nordic countries. It has for the time being about 20 members, working parttime for the secretariate. It is autonomous and as mentioned a purely co-ordinating secretariate, with no political power or authority. The AI-secretariate has freedom within a framework decided by congresses, and is not a central committee, but purely an advising organ. It is located in Oslo, Norway, but has also a broader network with contacts using e-mails etc. for communications. The AI-secretariate has its root back to the Nordic IFA-secretariate, elected and mandated by the first Northern AI/IFA congress in 1982, see http://www.anarchy.no/mandate.html and http://www.anarchy.no/ifadok.html . There is no leader of the secretariate, the members work horizontally organized, but with somewhat different mandates, decided by the secretariate collectively. Some of the members use nick-names publicly for privacy and anonymity reasons. Pictures of some of the AI-secretariate members etc. are found at the following link: http://www.anarchy.no/pictures.html

Accounting for networkmembers/subscribers of groups, the total number of persons connected to the network of AI broadly defined , is estimated to about 50 000 world wide, of which about 20 000 are in the Nordic countries. The www.anarchy.no has for the time being about 15 000 visitors and about 50 000 hits per month. The Anarchist International is more of a loose network than an organization.


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