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For Real, i.e. including green Democracy = Anarchy & Anarchism - and more of it!

This is the official web-site of the Anarchist International Network in Western Europe - a section of the Anarchist International (AI). The AINWE is a loose network of libertarians broadly defined in Western Europe outside the IFA-federations in the South and North, and is historically mainly rooted back to the 1990s as an informal network of contacts. There are contacts, small groups and organizations in several countries, including the Netherlands and the Swiss Confederation. The economic-political system of the Swiss Confederation is Anarchy of low degree, see (click on:) IJA 1 (37), but the Swiss libertarians (the Swiss section of AINWE/AI) have 'leider' not yet managed to form a national IFA-federation. The Swiss AI/IFA-section is only a pre-federation. The IJA/AI network has several hundred subscribers/network-members, groups and indviduals, in these countries. The AINWE aims at a more firm organization, with one large anarchist federation in each of these countries -- also of course in the Swiss Confederation -- later on.

Fellows! Contact AINWE and join the AINWE-network today! Be a networkmember/subscriber to the IJ@/AI! Feel free to forward this information to your own network, and/or link up the Website of AINWE at your blog or homepage. Join in the struggle for a higher degree of anarchy in the Swiss Confederation and for and towards anarchy and anarchism in other countries, i.e. for socialism and autonomy; against economical plutarchy - that is capitalism; and against statism. Of course a struggle without ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined), the opposite of anarchist, anarchy and anarchism!!! A struggle for anarchy and anarchism as opposed to all forms of marxism (state-socialism), liberalism and fascism, including populism. A struggle for a movement of the societal, i.e. economical and political/administrative, systems -- in libertarian direction, less authoritarian degree... The AINWE always works and demonstrates with dignity, uses real matter of fact arguments and adds weight behind via direct actions, mass actions, and via elections. More information is available via "contact AINWE" below.

Anarchism and Anarchy in the Swiss Confedeation were on the agenda at the The International Anarchist Congress - The 11th Anarchist Biennial 27-28.11.2010 - International Congress-Seminar on Anarchism, see (click on:) Congress.


San Marino
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Vatican state - Holy See

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Resolution, decided with general consent, by:
The International Anarchist Congress
The 11th Anarchist Biennial 27-28.11.2010
International Congress-Seminar on Anarchism
The AI/IFA network represents more than 50 000 anarchist world wide
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