Anarchy and anarchism mean "system and management without ruler(s), i.e. co-operation without repression, tyranny and slavery". In short an-arch-y = (an = without - arch = ruler(s)) - y = system and management, as, say, in monarch-y. Anarchists are for and contribute to anarchy and anarchism world wide. One of the main tasks of anarchists is the fight against ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined).

To mix up opposites as a) anarchy and ochlarchy and b) anarchists with ochlarchists/ochlarchs, as outdated dictionaries, newsmedia and mislead youths often do, is equally authoritarian as mixing up opposites as peace and war, as Big Brother did in Orwell's "1984" newspeak. It should be stopped and anarchists make resolutions with free, libertarian criticism of this authoritarian tendency, and also contribute to other direct actions against ochlarchy, guards at demonstrations, etc.

Anarchists are not only against ochlarchy, but also monarchy, oligarchy, polyarchy, plutarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, hierarchy, etc, i.e. in real terms, economic and/or political/administrative. Anarchists mean all forms of archies should be done away with, practically toward ideally.

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At www.anarchy.no you will also find a few words used that you don't find in the main stream English or American dictionaries: 1. Ochlarchy, as mentioned meaning mob rule broadly defined, and ochlarchist(s), ochlarchic(al), ochlarch(s); 2. The term “ca” is an abbreviation for the Latin circa, which means about or approximately. 3. "Medio" meaning "in the middle of" or "mid", also used without the hyphen. Only medio-, i.e. with the hyphen, is mentioned in main stream English and American dictionaries.

And sometimes “,”, the European standard, instead of the American/UK standard, i.e. “.”, is used as decimal separator. It must also be mentioned that the English and American languages are full of authoritarian Orwellian Big Brother "1984" newspeak, to bypass this, several words and phrases are defined more precisely and clearer at the www.anarchy.no than in the main stream English or American dictionaries. In general American spelling is used at the www.anarchy.no, but in special cases English spelling is used, or a mix similar to Canadian or Australian. There are also articles in Nordic languages, German, French and other Latin languages, and Arabic.