Supplement to IJ@ 4 (31) updated - with anarchist point of view
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What must stand firm are the basics about the Mid East problems, 1. that the Anarchist International and the anarchists at the Conference on terrorism 2. are for the Palestinian and the Jewish workingclass people against "their" respective authorities, the upper classes, the rich and powerful. 3. That's where the anarchists stand.

The Conference on terrorism will continue to discuss how these interests best can be achieved in practice, in politics  broadly defined, here at AIIS and in other fora. However, we think such rumors about conspiracies, that very probable are nor factual, should be stopped or put at place. All of the groups believing in the "Grand Conspiracy about Oil price and Terrorism" think of course the rumors have a core of truth. We are as mentioned very sceptical vis-à-vis such conspiracy stories in general, although of course conspiracies are, and will probably always be, a part of politics and similar. As mentioned again, we don't think there is a core in these rumors. But to get rid of such nonsense it is necessary to discuss it, to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are wrong. So we will also continue to discuss the rumors. And if there, hopefully not, should be a core of truth.... We'll say no more! We will however put this discussion in this special file, , not at the main page of IJ@ 4(31) "The International Conference on Terrorism". Thus people interested in conspiracies and rumors and discussions about such things, can read and write about it here. In the main file we will continue with other, and more serious policy, with no conspiracy theories.

A brief note on the context:

"It is possible the Palestinian terrorist organizations, probably Arafat included, are loosing popular support and some of the authoritarian brainwashing grip on the young muslims. Sharon & Co must concentrate the armed struggle against the clearly suspected terrorists, and arrest them, with as less civilian and other bloodshed, not introduce a war on the Palestinian people, just take on the responsible authorities and the ramifications within the corrupt, authoritarian, terrorist PLO-state of Arafat." the Conference says: "Round up the terrorists; as mentioned, using the theory of revealed preference (see and search for "revealed"), it is probably so that Arafat has a hidden agenda, supporting the terrorists, and wants to drive the Jews on the sea. Thus, all the peace talk of Arafat is probably just talk, and the Nobel peace prize to Arafat was similar to give Hitler a "peace in our time prize" in 1939. Later on in April 2002 seemingly solid documentation proving that Arafat has supported the terrorists with money and other things is found.

Rumors without content?

The rumors that some high ranking, mainly marxist Norwegians and their "useful" idiots, have given much aid-money to Arafat, so he could support the terrorists, to make trouble in the Mid East and thus hike the oil price (and tank-rates), must however be seen as a 1st of April joke and nothing else. The Anarchy of Norway just doesn't play politics so dirty, although the oil-price of course have hiked now as usual when there is trouble in the Mid East, and the PLO-state of Arafat has gotten relatively much money in aid from Norway. These events should not be seen combined, and introducing a (false) conspiracy theory is not correct. There are also other reasons for a hike in the oil-price, say, the USA's talks vis-à-vis Saddam Hussein, and better economical conjunctures in general. The crude oilprices the last years are found at , and updated prices at . The price hike because of the Mid East trouble is relatively clearly indicated, although not accounting for other effects. The effect of the 11.09.2001 events is a combination of increased depression (downwards) and the terrorism (upwards) and thus not so clear. Conspiracy or not - the Anarchy of Norway benefits economically from the Mid East trouble. Just after the 11.09 events the crude oil price "Brent Blend" (North Sea) hiked a couple of US$ per barrel, and from ca 20$ at the end of February 2002 it hiked to above 26$ per barrel in April. 09.04.2002: Israel has started the withdrawel from Palestine as planned.


The crude oil price is falling a bit, because of the "warpremium" has declined. Yesterday it hiked about one US$ per barrel because of increased believe in war, NRK reports 21-23.04.2002 the oil-price is still above 25 US $ p.b. It may be hard to look at the bloodshed in the Middle East through the dispassionate eye of economics, with Israeli tanks rolling through Palestinian streets and suicide bombers setting off blasts that kill and maim dozens at Israeli markets. But shock-waves from the conflict have not only pushed up prices at the gas pump, they have also hit investor confidence, dampening stocks, and added a few pennies to the cost of some products due to higher fuel and transportation charges. Financial and political circles are jittery of a worst-case scenario where the conflict spills across borders, leading to a stoppage or severe slippage of vital oil exports from the area and threatening a new Middle East oil shock. A real oil shock, which has happened four times in the past 30 years, would slam the economies of industrialized countries just as their nascent recoveries were starting to take hold after the impact of Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. Stocks took a beating for most of April, partially on fears that higher oil prices would hurt profitability and diminish consumer spending, while Treasuries have rallied as a safety bid boosted virtually risk-free U.S. government securities. The situation remains tense and uncertain. Israeli forces thrust deep into the West Bank city of Nablus on Friday 03.05.2002 in a raid on Palestinian militants, sparking a fierce gun battle, just hours after Washington said it planned a Middle East peace conference.

Treasury yields, which usually move in the opposite direction to prices, peaked when the Israeli incursion into Palestinian cities began in late March and have fallen about half a percentage point on some issues since then on a flight to quality safety bid. The "blue-chip" Dow Jones industrial average has fallen about 500 points or some 5 percent, from about 10,500 to straddle the key 10,000 points level, over the same period. The festering conflict has led to what economists call a war premium or higher prices on vital commodities such as oil because of the uncertainty of supply. The key for markets will be the safety of investments in times of trouble, or the so called "risk premium," which makes safe-haven U.S. Treasuries attractive. The most obvious example of the war premium is the spike in energy prices seen in recent months, with oil hitting six-month highs in April because of anxiety over the conflict. Economists, such as Bruce Steinberg at Merrill Lynch, estimate the war premium is about $3 to $5 a barrel for oil. Some economists reckon that each rise of $1 a barrel in oil prices causes U.S. gross domestic product to shrink by about 0.05 percentage points. It is also somewhat like a tax on consumers as it raises prices and thus cuts into their buying, i.e purchasing, power.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said in April that energy prices had not yet risen to a point that would sap spending but warned a lasting surge in the cost of oil could have "far-reaching" consequences. Upheaval in the Middle East, including the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the 1979 Iranian Revolution and Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, caused a spike in oil prices and led to no less than four global recessions in the last 30 years. "The impact on the oil market will be spectacular because there will be all kinds of people who will fear the worst and position for the worst by building up inventories," said Roger Kubarych, senior fellow in international economics and finance at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. But global strategists are not looking for the worst to emerge and see a further drawdown of Israel's military presence in the West Bank and so a drop in the war premium for oil. Analysts said prices of more than $29 a barrel would cause concern in the market because that would be above pre-Sept. 11 levels and stir fears that rising energy prices could put the brakes on the economy.

Crude oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange surged more than 30 percent from January through April, reaching a six-month high of $28.35 a barrel on April 4, but were at $26.62 on Friday 03.05.2002. Even with the recent price jumps, the U.S. Energy Department said it still expects the average price of a gallon of gasoline to be $1.46 at about midyear, which would be below the average price Americans paid last year during the peak summer driving season. "If the latest Israeli-Palestinian flare-up can be defused, domestic crude would probably drop into the low $20s (a barrel). The global recovery may then push oil prices up to $24 to $25 a barrel by year end," a Merrill Lynch spokesman indicated in an economic commentary. The risk premium took some of the luster off of higher-yielding but riskier investments such as stocks and also boosted Treasuries. In times of political uncertainty, shorter-dated two-year notes are the investment option of choice because of the low risk attached to the securities. "There is probably a slight premium built into short-term Treasury prices because whenever you have conflict in the world, people want to become a little more risk-averse, and they park their money in short-term Treasuries," said Todd Buchholz, chairman of Victoria Capital in Washington and author of the book "Market Shock".

The yield on two-year notes fell about 50 basis points in April, and analysts said about 25 basis points came from a safety bid growing out of the tensions. "If peace were to break out and people were more optimistic about the world economy, then we would probably have interest rates go up a little bit," Buchholz said. Kubarych, from The Council on Foreign Relations, said that apart from the apparent premiums built into markets, redeployment of assets may emerge from the conflict as governments diminish their greenback holdings. The redeployment would lead to a weaker dollar and perhaps higher U.S. interest rates, but it may not show up until about three to nine months from now as countries in the Middle East region look at their foreign holdings and decide to spread their money around. "This is the kind of situation that is so fluid that there isn't a single story that everybody can bite into," he said.


02.04.2002. Although the Conference on terrorism and IJ@ yesterday tried to stop the conspiracy rumors, they continue to grow. We must simply repeat that these growing rumors are not based on facts! The whole idea of the so called secret operation, code name "Bongo from Congo" where

1. the Yes to EU-bureaucrats in the Labor Party, some of them having got top jobs in Statoil without too much qualifications,

2. the UN's "peace envoy for the Middle East" Terje "Red" Rød Larsen plus Gro Harlem Brundtland and tops in  the Royal Norwegian Foreign Ministry, UD;

3. the leaders of the "Red oil-workers unions", plus

4. the coming bureaucrats of the Labor Party's Youth organization AUF, have a conspiracy with

5. Y. Arafat and the PLO-State terrorists, to

6. hike the oil-price, and share the profit through different channels, aid included, to make even more trouble in the Mid East and hike the oil-price even more, etc., in

7. an oil-price & terrorism spiral, in a prolonged war with Israel, also including trade boycott etc. to make it real long, that's

8. just far out! Although

9. the marxist influenced Norwegian media also write about a long Mid East war 02.04.2002, and thus contribute perhaps to even more oil-price hike, there are no reasons to believe that

10. the "Oil-price & Terrorism Conspiracy" , code name "Bongo from Congo", really exists.

11.-  03.04.2002 the rumors are getting even wilder: A faction of OPEC with ramifications to rich muslims and bin-Laden's al-Qaeda, some factions in the UN and in CIA connected to some warprofit sharks in USA, are part of this Grand Conspiracy, and they also are behind the 11.09.2001 events. A faction in Russia, with the old KGB boss Pjutin as president, an old and firm supporter of Arafat, is also a member. There are also connections to factions in the EU bureaucracy in Brüssel, and to the Norwegian oil-fund. The Yes-to EU-bureaucrats in Norway and the Brüssel gang within the Grand Oil-price & Terrorism Conspiracy will hike the oil price, and share the profit through different channels, aid included, but also increase the oil-fund, and later, if Norway as they dream of will be member of EU, (anarchists don't think this will happen) use the main part of the oil-fund on the bureaucrats in EU, the Norwegian bureaucrats then as a part of the general EU-bureaucracy; - and not the workingclass people.

12. IJ@ cannot directly confirm that the rumors are rooted back to some leftists at Industrial Workers of the World, that earlier have made up smearstories and lies about the Anarchy of Norway and the International Workers of the World, or some rightist Americans, that think UN is a commie nest ruling the USA. But there are some indications: Both groups have traditionally a tendency to dream up large Conspiracies, and think economy is the basis - or the only thing that counts - to explain what is going on in society, and try to make up scapegoats. Some rumors may be rooted back to the so called "Friends of Frost", with seemingly core troops calling themselves the Nihilist Assault Group, NAG, in Oslo [probably related to "Felix Frost", mainly a leftist populist nihilist, and not anarchist or libertarian, probably a fan of the populist nihilist terrorist Sergei Nechaev's "Revolutionary Catechism" and chaos, who a.o.t. runs a very little reliable webpage in Norwegian about the so called Industrial Workers of the World at their unofficial web-site in the USA (, that must not be mixed up with the International-WW of the anarchosyndicalists], and similar rumors from other more or less strange groups, leftist, populist/fascist and rightist. The NAG, well known from, say, a report 19.04.2002. in the maoist and trotskyite newspaper "Klassekampen" see p. 1 and p. 6, says they will were masks in demonstrations. No surprise since NAG are authoritarian leftist populist bullies and bomb-lovers, similar to Sergei Nechaev. So far "Felix Frost", the Nihilist Assault Group, NAG, and the "Friends of Frost", FOF, just talk about masks, chaos and use terrorist bomb symbols. Anyway they are yellow brown traitors of the labor-class, leftist populist authoritarian trash, similar to Nechaev, close to marxist-lenininst Red Brigades and neonazis on the economical political map. NAG means "hate" in Norwegian, so NAG may perhaps also be accounted for as a "hate group". And NAG/HATE sends out a lot of authoritarian, ochlarchical terroristical signals.

However to think Gro Harlem Brundtland, the other Labor Party bosses and the UD tops, etc. are the real spiders behind the Grand Conspiracy and the 11.09. 2001 attacks as well as the Mid East trouble is far out. To make the Anarchy of Norway scapegoat for the 11.09 and Mid East trouble is not fair! NACO demands such nonsense rumors should be stopped at once!

However to stop further rumors, more restrictions on the aid-money to the PLO-State of Arafat should perhaps be introduced, NACO says: "It must be certain not an "øre" of the Norwegian aid-money to Palestine goes to support the terrorists, directly or indirectly, to avoid the Anarchy of Norway gets a bad reputation internationally.

Even 1st of April joke rumors may spread and be harmfull, if there is just a small fraction of possible truth in it. So all support that doesn't go directly to peaceful organizations of the Palestinian people, and 100% certain avoid "their" corrupt authorities plus terrorists, and other political measures that may make Norwegians be looked upon as warprofit sharks, should stop at once! Also other organizations seemingly being a part of this so called Grand Conspiracy of Oilprice & Terrorism, should perhaps think twice, and not do things that can make such harmful rumors grow further.

Also the Anarchist International Embassy has done a lot to stop these harmful rumors, by sending two notes about "...STOP RUMORS" and "...STOP!!! RUMORS!" to stop them and explain they are nonsense 02.04 & 03.04.2002. These notes and the rumors have been discussed internationally later on, and as mentioned IJ@ and the Conference see the rumors from the so called "Friends of Frost" and similar rumors from other more or less strange groups, leftist, rightist and populist/fascist, mostly as an April joke, although the rumors have been going on for a while. People should not pay too much attention to April joke type rumors anyway.


Although the Norwegian Labor Party has a clear tendency to say "noen har snakket sammmen", i.e, "someone (secretly) have talked together", i.e. conspiracy, meaning things are decided by some "high ranking Norwegians" behind the back of the rest of the Party and Norwegians in general, nobody should be putting too much weight on this. It is however 1. by this well known statement "noen har snakket sammen" very often referred in the Norwegian media historically and today, and other relevant material, as an important tendency in the Labor Party, 2. proved above all reasonable doubt, that the Norwegian Labor Party, Arbeiderpartiet, AP, have a powerful and conspirative leadership, ruling culture and political economical tendency in general. In addition to this, corruption in, say, AUF, and nepotism, is/have been a significant tendency. Also Torvald Stoltenberg , the Labor Party UN peace-envoy at Balkan during the last war, most "famous" for cynically stating "They are all Serbs" (including war-criminals) to the international newsmedia, and his son Jens Stoltenberg, earlier PM from the Labor Party and saying he will take over the leadership of the party, most "famous" for crashing a parked car with the one he was driving, and running away in a secretly way without leaving a note with phonenumber, adress and name, may be mentioned. What he didn't know, was that he was watched, and soon after the whole story was exposed in the media. The organization he worked for paid the considerable repair cost, although Stoltenberg himself was the only to blame.

Thus both a cynical, corrupt and conspirative tradition in the Labor Party leadership is well documented, however not alone a significant evidence for the "Grand Conspiracy" theory. But it makes of course a core for speculations related to the theory, because these facts demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the Norwegian social-democratic leadership are clearly capable to do such things and lead a grand conspiracy; cynical, corrupt and conspirative as they de facto have been and are. Another well known statement is "Arbeiderpartiet er faen ta meg ingen søndagsskole", and similar, i.e. "the Labor Party is damned no Sunday school", meaning they are very ruthless. All in all, this may indicate they may stand behind "both this and that", but it is as mentioned no real proof for the "Grand conspiracy", although perhaps a slight indication towards "something" in this direction cannot totally be rejected in advance.

That the AUF-leader Eva Kristin Hansen 02-4.04.2002 is in Jerusalem having talks with the terrorist youth organization of PLO, Fatah Youth, makes her suspected, but it is not really evidence of a conspiracy (see, Klassekampen 03.04.2002, i.e "Class struggle", a main organ of the pamps from the red&brown oil-wage-dukes' unions). That she also calls for a boycott etc. of Isreal which, if set to work, probably will contribute to prolong the trouble in the Mid East and prolong the warpremium on the oil, is no surprise according to the "Grand Conspiracy" theory, but it really proves very little as there also may be other explainations. But also other marxists have called for boycott and similar, see below. That Terje "red" Rød-Larsen and T. Jagland still biased support the terroristical, corrupt, police state Arafat regime, 20.04.2002, is no surprise, but not sound evidence for a conspiracy. 23.04.2002: That Rød-Larsen and his wife have received 100 000 US $ in a special peace prize from an institute (the Peres Peace Center) run by friends of Shimon Peres, the Brown Card convict and Nobel peace prize winner, and that Rød-Larsen also is supported by the authoritarian red&brown marxists Jan Egeland of Red Cross, a former UN peace envoy in Colombia and the "peace institute" PRIO-deputy boss Hilde Henriksen Waage, both Brown Card convicts, is of no surprise.

H.H. Waage says she fears for the life of Rød-Larsen in a comment to Norwegian TV2, but Egeland doesn't. Perhaps Rød-Larsen has been talking too much and the other members of the Conspiracy will kill him, and put the blame on Israeli rightists, a rumor says. The AIE humanistically however says Rød-Larsen should take care. Such money transactions and mutual "peace prizes" may also look a bit strange to people believing in the "Grand Conspiracy." The Norwegian Foreign Department, UD, shall investigate the peace prize to Rød-Larsen because the Peres-center is partly financed by Norwegian money, NRK reports. The Conference on terrorism says UD is probably not the right institution to investigate this case. They should perhaps be investigated themselves for several more or less corrupt errors. 24.04.2002 The Israeli, Norwegian and international media are discussing the Rød-Larsen case, the "Peres peace prize" included. To quote Rød-Larsen a bit: "It smells bad, etc...".

25.04.2002 Aftenposten reports UD, also called Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "promises to investigate" the US $ 100,000 prize awarded to Terje Rød-Larsen and his diplomat wife Mona Juul as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The fact that Mona Juul is the Norwegian ambassador in Israel is of course very embarrasing for UD. United Nations envoy Terje Rød-Larsen insists that that there is no secrecy around the awards he and his wife received and that the funds were reported to the tax authorities. Norway's Foreign Ministry seemed less convinced and vowed to dig up and present all the facts. UD press spokesman Karsten Klepsvik told Aftenposten Wednesday that there could be a mixing of private and public roles which could brand the cash prize as a professional 'irregularity'. "They have received a substantial sum of money in a sphere where they work for the State. In principle the money should be delivered to UD when it is a question of a sum of this size," Klepsvik said. Klepsvik rejected Rød-Larsen's argument that the Ministry knew about the money since it had been declared to tax authorities. "That is something between the individual and the tax authorities, about which UD receives no information. We can't expect the tax authorities to tell us every time someone receives a prize," Klepsvik said.

The Ministry was more than a bit surprised when Terje Rød-Larsen told state broadcaster NRK that the department had been fully informed of the award. "No one in UD has known about these sums of money. When he publicly claims the opposite it begins to resemble the previous scandal he was involved in ... When he says that the Norwegian diplomats present at the awards ceremony in 1999 were informed about the money, that is completely incorrect," a ministry source told Aftenposten.  Rød-Larsen resigned from a specially formed position as Minister of Planning for the Labor government in late 1996 after a series of revelations involving irregularities with stock options and tax declarations, i.e. a corrupt tendency known as the FIDECO case. The Ministry now intends to concentrate its investigation on how closely Mona Juul was involved in the decision-making process which led to Norway contributing over NOK 10 (US $ 1.17) million to the Peres Peace Center which awarded the prize. Another potential danger for the couple is the question of whether they may be guilty of breaking the civil service law by accepting gifts that could, or were meant, to influence how they carry out their jobs. In other words - corruption?  

Labor-law professor Henning Jakhelln considers an award given in recognition of past service is innocent enough and should not count as a potential influence on official duty. "Another question is whether it was wise in this case to accept such a gift," Jakhelln said. Rød-Larsen has been unavailable for the Norwegian media, with the exception of state broadcaster NRK. Mona Juul has only uttered "No comment" to recent media enquiries. Officials at the Peres center have also put journalists on a waiting list, but all spokesmen have been unavailable. Besides insisting that UD were fully informed and brushing aside implications of irregularities, Rød-Larsen told NRK about what he has done with the prize money.   Rød-Larsen said that much of the money remains in a private account that he uses to fund peace work in the region. Rød-Larsen said that he has used it to continue working in the region during times when he was not employed to do so. The Foreign Ministry  said they hope to have a preliminary report on the case ready on Thursday. Later on 25.04.2002 it is said that the Norwegian country's Public Prosecutor, Riksadvokaten, has taken over the Rød-Larsen case in some of the Norwegian media. However later on it is clearified that UD is co-operating with the Attorney-General, Regjeringsadvokaten, not the Public Prosecutor. A NACO spokeswoman says it would be better if the Public Prosecutor got the case, UD should not "investigate" itself, although the co-operation with the Attorney-General may contribute to better quality in the investigation. People believing in the "Grand Conspiracy" may think the whole thing stinks, although only a tip of the iceberg.

27.04.2002 Aftenposten reports Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul have not paid tax for the "peace prizes", and that they probably should have done that. VG reports the marxist matriarch "landsmodern" Gro Harlem Brundtland herself got prizes for ca 2,1 mill. NOK and put 0,7 of it in her own pocket. Norwegian demonstraters against Rød-Larsen in Israel 26.04.2002 express "Norwegians demand the whole truth". Furthermore the "Peres Peace Center" has a large network with members from the Norwegian and international plutarchs and party-political hierarchs, even including "Rimi-Hagen". Shimon Peres has been connected to money supporting Terje Rød-Larsen at least 3 times VG reports 27.04.2002: 1. In 1994 FAFO, LO's research institute, with Rød-Larsen as director got 100 000 US $ by the Jimmy Carter fundation, delivered by among others Shimon Peres; 2. In 1999 Rød-Larsen and the wife Mona Juul got 100 000 NOK from the "Peres Peace Center" in Tel Aviv. 3. Same year he and Mona got 10 000 US $ from an American-Jewish fundation, with Shimon Peres in the managing board. The rumors that these prizes to Gro Harlem Brundtland, Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul are one of many ways to share the profit from the "Grand Conspiracy" are increasing!

29.04.2002 Karsten Klepsvik, the spokesman of UD, presents the delayed investigation report, saying the UD had worked in co-operation with the Attorney-General with the report, and stating that Mona Juul and Rød-Larsen had been breaking the § 20 of the Norwegian civil service law. The §20 of the Norwegian civil service law is also called the corruption §. Rød-Larsen denies to NRK there was a connection between the Nobel Peace Prize to Shimon Peres and the Peres peace prizes to Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul. The IJ@ are wondering what more will happen in the "Rød-Larsen, Juul and Brundtland prizes-case". NACO has suggested to get a new Norwegian ambassador in Israel and a new peace envoy, less biased towards Arafat. Time will show. Jan Petersen keeps a low profile in this case by now - it is a "hot potato" (hot stuff). Rød-Larsen is not directly on the payroll of UD anymory, but hired by the UN, so in his case Kofi Annan must think about what to do. As usual UD is vague and manipulative, pseudodiplomatic, without a clear cut reaction, playing their own game as a conspirative "state within the state". Jan Petersen, the leader of UD and foreign minister, should really think about a reorganization and new staff in the UD. A prominent anarchist has said UD is one of the most authoritarian departments of the Norwegian central administration. UD's way of working in this case (and other) will probably increase the rumors that "something is wrong in the state of Norway", making trouble for the whole Anarchy.

By the way, it has been big silence in the international media, except in IJ@, the Norwegian and Israeli press, about Rød-Larsen lately. This was a bit strange so a spokesman for the Anarchist International sent a note to Reuters and some other media-giants about it. Tuesday 30.04.2002 in the evening however Reuters again was quoting Rød-Larsen: "U.N. Middle East envoy Terje Roed-Larsen has said there were no signs a massacre had taken place (in Jenin) but has accused the army of violating humanitarian law during its operation." "We made exceptional efforts not to harm the innocent," Sharon said in a speech. "Any attempt to defame us or put us on trial before the world will not succeed. No other army...has acted according to such high moral standards." Well, Rød-Larsen seems to be more matter of fact at the moment. The "Rød-Larsen, Juul & Brundtland" case is however not reported yet in the largest international media, but, say, the British "SUN" replied back to AI that they would keep an eye at it... "Perhaps it is best kept at the "conspiracy file" at IJ@ for a while?" the AIE says: "It must however be mentioned that Jan Petersen, the Norwegian foreign minister, is responsible for UD and its activities. To keep a too low profile in this corruption case (breaking the Norwegian public service law § 20 is no joke) in the long run, may as mentioned backfire. Petersen is responsible for UD, that's the rule!"

The headlines in Norway's most international newspaper, seen apart from IJ@, Aftenposten "News in English" online, have been: Rød-Larsen prize shocks Ministry - 25.04.2002; Foreign ministry to investigate money to Rød-Larsen - 24.04.2002; Norwegian UN envoy fends off more criticism - 23.04.2002; Mid-East conflict plays out in Oslo - 22.04.2002; Juul can expect punishment - 30.04.2002: Foreign Minister Jan Petersen dismissed an appeal from a Center Party politician, earlier working in the UD, to treat Mona Juul's case leniently because it could weaken the UN's role in the Middle East. Juul is Norway's ambassador to Israel and Terje Rød-Larsen's wife. Petersen said that he felt it was convinced that there were only negative aspects to tempering a judgment about Juul's acceptance of a USD 50,000 peace prize without notifying the department. The Ministry has ruled that both Juul and Rød-Larsen violated civil service regulations (as mentioned § 20 of the civil service law, the corruption §) by accepting a large sum of money in the line of duty without informing their employer. Juul also later recommended that the Peres Peace center, which awarded the prize money, receive Norwegian funding.  

Terje Rød-Larsen can not be sanctioned by the ministry as he now works for the United Nations, Petersen and UD mean. That may be discussed more. Corruption is corruption.  Foreign Ministry spokesman Karsten Klepsvik sketched two possible punitive reactions to the Juul case. The first would be a reprimand, which would be the mild alternative and have no further consequences. The second alternative is a disciplinary sanction, which is more serious and could hamper Juul's further career. If Juul is officially censured for her actions it would be considered a permanent blot on her record and could cost her job seniority. Klepsvik confirmed that Juul's transgression was serious, and rare. "I do not know of a previous case where the Foreign Ministry has concluded an ambassador has violated the laws of civil service," Klepsvik said. "It seems clear that Mona Juul was involved in handling applications from the Peres center for economic support. This application was recommended by the Norwegian embassy and it is clear that this can raise questions of her legal competency. The ministry is examining this aspect of the case closely," Klepsvik said. Both Juul and Rød-Larsen have expressed their apologies and regrets, and both have said that they were not aware that they were obliged to report the financial award to their employer, the ministry. Rød-Larsen stressed once more that the award ceremony was a public event with full media coverage and that he had never tried to keep the prize a secret. AIE repeats: Petersen is responsible for UD, that's the rule! 01.05.2002 The marxist LO-matriarch Liv Valla, also co-operating a bit with the fascistoid Carl I. Hagen and Fr.p, of course in her May Day speech calls for boycott of Israel to prolong the Mid East trouble as much as possible to keep up the warpremium on the Norwegian oil-export.

02.05.2002: Norway's ambassador to Israel, Mona Juul, said she was glad and relieved after the Foreign Ministry decided not to relieve her of her post after she failed to notify the department of the large cash prize from the Peres Peace Center. The Foreign Ministry has promised to sanction Juul, and is now considering a possible disciplinary penalty for Juul's violation of civil service laws. The reaction can range from a warning to a blot on her record and loss of seniority. A formal hearing will now take place and Juul will present her side of the story. Juul's husband, UN special envoy Terje Rød-Larsen received an identical prize and was also ruled to have violated civil service regulations. Rød-Larsen so far will face no action since he no longer works for the Norwegian state. "Ever since we received this money we have made it clear that it would be used to support an irreproachable cause that aids the peace process in the Middle East. We have not yet managed to find such a cause but we continue to search," Juul said. "Perhaps it is true", a spokeswoman for AIE said.

The Fr.p, Progress Party, "king" Carl I. Hagen continued to argue vigorously that Juul should be forced to give up the money and be demoted. Foreign Minister Jan Petersen says that is "not an option". "The Foreign Ministry's reaction is far too lenient. She has received 450,000 Norwegian crowns from the Peres Center to do her job in the state department. Civil servants being paid by others than the state to do their jobs simply cannot be accepted," Hagen said. "The whole affair becomes even more remarkable when it turns out that both Mona Juul and Terje Rød-Larsen would have had to surrender the money to the state at once if they had informed the department. In other words, Mona Juul is being rewarded for keeping this hidden," Hagen said.

Foreign Minister Jan Petersen strongly disagrees.  "We have followed the letter of the law in this matter. Norwegian law simply does not give us the possibility of confiscating the money. The civil service regulations give us the choice between termination or reprimand and we have chosen the latter option," Petersen said. The leader of the Socialist Left party, SV, Kristin Halvorsen, said she was satisfied with the department's handling of the matter and was relieved the matter was now given proper perspective. "Personally I think that all the media attention around this case has been a bigger burden for Mona Juul than the punishment she may now expect from the Ministry," Halvorsen said. "My, my, what a human point of view this strong supporter of Arafat and his terrorists expresses in this case," a spokesman for the International Workers of the World says to IJ@. By the way, Thorbjørn Jagland gave 80 000 US $ to the "Peres Peace Center" just 8 days before Petersen took over his job as foreign minister. And Jagland appointed Juul to ambassador in Israel while her husband Rød-Larsen was UN peace envoy, and he is a close friend of both. Jagland denies to VG 02.05.2002 that there is a connection between the "peace prizes" to Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul and this payment to the "Peres Center". Well, well... Another relevant question is "how were the prizes to Gro Harlem Brundtland financed?"

The whole thing stinks and will a.o.t. probably create more "Grand Oil Pric/ze and Terrorism Conspiracy" rumors, i.e. bad business for the Anarchy of Norway. It will not be much better if the authoritarian UD pro EU "Yes ministers" will start ochlarchy against Mona as VG indicates, making Juul scapegoat for a hopeless authoritarian and incompetent "state in the state" culture. Somebody should perhaps have teached Mona Juul etc. the civil service law § 20, a.s.o. Perhaps this is only a tip of the iceberg. By the way, Perhaps Mona Juul should seek a job at the Anarchist International Embassy while the health is still OK. It will not be as ambassador or C. d'A., but she will probably get nice human treatment. Much money and power are not everything after all. The happy days and sweet, exciting life with champagne etc. together with Brown Card convict Peres and friends and the terroristical corrupt Arafat/PLO-state bosses on "peace money" financed from the Norwegian State's oil income, in the Mid East, are perhaps relatively soon over anyway. 04.05.2002 UD says they are working with an instruction manual for the workers to get more lawful actions.

C. I. Hagen says UD should investigate and punish Rød-Larsen, but Jan Petersen says that is the job of the UN, not UD. 05.05.2002: VG reports: Dette har dreid seg om et lite og tett nettverk av folk i Ap, som har vært flinke på mytedannelser. Dette nettverket er nå historie, sier Petersen til avisen. "It has been a small and tight network of persons in AP (Labor Party), that have been good at spinning myths. This network is now history", says Jan Petersen, underlining that the Norwegian Mid East policy now is run from Oslo, not regionally. "This AP/Labor Party-network may be perhaps be interpreted as something like a "conspiracy" by people who believe in such nonsense", the Conference says: "And it is smart of Petersen to run the foreign affaires from Oslo, take action, and listen to "several political environments", as he says, anarchists and other non-marxists included. The AP/LP's marxian support for Arafat and his terrorists, with Jagland, Juul, Rød-Larsen and Brundtland up front, has been going on far too long, and a lot of money have been vasted on very little but trouble, and not so much real and efficient peace-work. The conspiracy and/or corrupt tendency is still "hot stuff" in Norwegian media, say "Verdens Gang", VG, Aftenposten, etc.:

Ad skriftlig irettesettelse til Mona Juul m.v. (se Aftenposten-NTB 23.05.2002) Utenriksdepartementet gir ambassadør Mona Juul en skriftlig irettesettelse fordi hun ikke informerte UD om å ha mottatt 50.000 dollar fra Peres-senteret. NRK rapporterer om at Carl I. Hagen vil ha strengere straff, og lovendringer. "Såvidt vi kan se er loven nå fulgt, og eventuelle nye lover kan ikke ha tilbakevirkende kraft. Carl står som vanlig for lovløse tilstander og pøbelvelde, oklarki," sier en talsmann for NACO: "Hvorvidt Mona Juul er et tjenelig redskap for norsk utenrikspolitikk i Midt-Østen, etter å ha blamert seg med en noe ubalansert pro-Arafat-terrorist policy, sammen med Rød-Larsen, Jagland og Gro Harlem Brundtland m.fl., er en annen sak. Vi tilrår en snarlig omplassering av Mona Juul av utenrikspolitiske grunner. Norge er politisk sett ikke tjent med en §20 korrupsjons-refset, vesentlig pro-Arafat ambassadør i Midt-Østen. PLO-staten til Arafat er jo selv utvilsomt korrupt foruten terroristisk. Man kan ikke holde pekefingeren høyt nok oppe her når en selv har noe av samme ulla (les: møkka) på fingrene! Vi mener dermed at den nåværende situasjonen er relativt uholdbar, og bør endres nokså snarlig. Det bygges her på en bredere analyse av hva som tjener  folket, kanskje i motsetning til øvrighetens interesser, - både i Norge og i Midt-Østen. Siden Norge i hovedsak er et reelt demokrati, (les: anarki) hvor styringen skal skje ut fra folkets interesser m.v., bør dette overveies grundig av Petersen & Co i UD, statsrådet generelt, utenrikskomiteen på stortinget og media etc." (Dette ble i det alt vesentlige også sendt som pressemelding og note fra AIE, med hovedadresse til utenriksministeren.)

13.06.2002: Norges ambassadør i Israel, Mona Juul, har ikke anket Utenriksdepartementets avgjørelse i saken om prispenger fra Peres-senteret. Juul hadde tre uker på seg til å si fra om hun godtok den skriftlige irettesettelsen. Alternativt kunne hun anket saken inn for Kongen. - Både Utenriksdepartementet og Juul anser nå saken for avsluttet, sier pressetalsmann Karsten Klepsvik til NTB. Juul og ektemannen Terje Rød-Larsen mottok 50.000 dollar hver fra Peres-senteret i Israel i 1999, som belønning for deres fredsinnsats. Pengene ble ikke innrapportert til UD, slik tjenestereglementet tilsier. Juul ble derfor ilagt en skriftlig refs som blir stående i fem år før den slettes. Juul fikk beholde pengene, men valgte selv å returnere dem til Peres-senteret, noe UD var fornøyd med. Rød-Larsen, som den gang også var ansatt i UD, har sagt at han akter å beholde pengene. Han er i dag spesialutsending for FN i Midtøsten.   Formelt dreide det seg om en personalsak, men parets diplomatiske stjernestatus gjorde den til noe langt mer. Først i Israel, der saken dukket beleilig opp like etter at Rød-Larsen hadde kritisert den israelske hærens framferd i Jenin, deretter i Norge, hvor den ifølge kritikere var et eksempel på et Ap-nettverk som drev med uheldig rolleblanding. Kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen i Stortinget tok opp utnevnelsen av Juul til ambassadør og norske bevilgninger til Peres-senteret. Det kom fram at Juul hadde vært budbringer for senteret overfor UD. Enkelte røster, som Høyres utenrikspolitiske talsmann, Inge Lønning, forlangte at Juul måtte hjemkalles. Samtidig lekket ellers trauste embetsmenn som en sil om alt som dreide seg om saken, i ren harme over Juuls overtramp. Saken utviklet seg til å bli en stor personlig belastning for Juul. Da hun var hjemme for å forklare seg i midten av mai, ble hun fotfulgt av pressen. Utenriksdepartementet landet 1. mai på en skriftlig irettesettelse. Det har ikke skjedd i nyere tid at en ambassadør har fått en så streng reaksjon. "Nå får dere ikke drive mobbing av lille Mona  da søte små UD-oklarker, dvs mens hun venter på en ny jobb..." sier kollega A. Quist ved AIE, "for Mona er tilnærmet ubrukelig der hun er nå. Det er vi ca alle enige om!"

Aftenposten "News in English" 24.05.2002: Juul will return peace prize money. Norway's ambassador to Israel Mona Juul has given in to pressure and decided to return money received in connection with a peace prize from the Peres Peace Center in 1999. On Friday Juul informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) that she would be sending the USD 50,000 prize back to the Peres Center in Israel. The money was part of an award that Juul received along with husband Terje Roed-Larsen. The UD press spokesman Karsten Klepsvik said that the ministry hoped that Juul's decision would put an end to the controversy. Klepsvik also told Aftenposten on Friday that "the department would find it natural that Terje Rød-Larsen do the same with the money he received". Klepsvik said the department found Juul's solution satisfactory. Asked if the ministry had pressured Juul into her decision Klepsvik said: "We have had a clear dialogue with Mona Juul about this affair and arrived at the present solution."

Aftenposten 24.05.2002 (tidlig på dagen): - Mona Juul bør fratas prispengene: Utenriksminister Jan Petersen kan og bør frata Mona Juul prispengene fra Peres-senteret når disse er uberettiget mottatt, påpeker en av Norges fremste eksperter på arbeidslivets jus. "Tja, det er jo ikke bestikkelser det er snakk om her, men en fredspris," sier en talsperson for AFIN. Jusprofessoren har notert seg at utenriksminister Jan Petersen har hevdet at UD ikke har kunnet inndra prispengene fra Mona Juul fordi det ikke finnes hjemmel for dette i tjenestemannsloven. -At det ikke finnes en slik hjemmel i tjenestemannsloven, er i og for seg korrekt. Likevel blir den måten utenriksministeren tolker loven på, for enkel og dermed ikke korrekt, mener Jakhelln. "Her driver vel Jakhelln en smule juristeri og autoritær politikk," sier AFINs talsperson: " I tilfelle det er mistanke om virkelige bestikkelser, er det vel en sak for Økokrim, ikke Jan Petersen og UD. Jakhelln slår fast at den reaksjonen UD har meddelt Mona Juul, må sies å være forholdsvis mild. Ordensstraff ilegges når arbeidsgiver ønsker å markere at en arbeidstager har gjort noe galt, men at man samtidig ikke ønsker å si opp vedkommende. En slik ordensstraff vil selvsagt hefte ved tjenestemannen- eller kvinnen i den fremtidige karrièren.

-I dette tilfellet er det imidlertid ikke en underordnet funksjonær det dreier seg om, men om en representant for kongeriket Norge. Når en slik person ilegges ordensstraff, veier det naturligvis mye tyngre enn hva det vanligvis ville gjøre. - Om Mona Juul fortsatt innehar den nødvendige tillit som hun må ha for å utøve sin funksjon, er ikke et rettslig, men et politisk spørsmål. Det er helt opp til utenriksministeren å vurdere om Norge er tjent med å ha henne på den aktuelle posten eller ikke, slår professor Henning Jakhelln fast. "Vi er enige i at dette er et politisk spørsmål, ikke et juridisk", sier S. Olsen fra NACO. Høyres Inge Lønning er enig: "Ambassadørstillingen i Israel må vurderes". Nå skjerpes reglene i UD og andre departementer for å unngå reprise på Juul-saken sier en talsmann for UD.... Litt senere på dagen rapporterer NRK at Mona Juul frivillig vi levere tilbake prispengene på 50 000 US $. "Det blir forhåpentlig vis uten kursgevinster og tillagt renter og rentes rente", sier S.Olsen i NATO, som legger til: "Det var sannelig på tide, og både gemalen og Brundtlands burde snarest vurdere det samme, om de skal komme ut av dette med en smule av æren i behold i Norges-historisk sammenheng." Noe senere på dagen kommer det melding om at Rød-Larsen er "stolt av prisen" og vil beholde pengene. "Tja, etter FIDECO har han jo nær 0 ære uansett, så det er kanskje ikke så rart han tar pengene og lar siste rest av æren gå. Men da underskriver jo Rød-Larsen selv på at han er litt av en korrupt banditt da. Fysjom Fy. Jobben som FN's fredsmekler blir jo stadig mer irrelevant, akkurat som Arafat." AIE har tilsvarende synspunkter. 25.05.2002 rapporterer Dagsavisen om at UD i hovedsak mener det samme.

Dagsavisen 24.05.2002: Kan be UD om å sjekke Jagland. Lederen av Stortingets kontrollkomité, SVs Ågot Valle, vurderer nå å spørre Utenriksdepartementet om Thorbjørn Jaglands habilitet i Juul-saken. Dagsavisen 23.05.2002: Thorbjørn Jaglands utnevnelse av vennen og partifellen Mona Juul får nå skarp kritikk av jusprofessor Eivind Smith. Eivind Smith er en av Norges fremste eksperter i offentlig rett. Han slakter Ap-leder Thorbjørn Jaglands utnevnelse av Mona Juul som Norges ambassadør til Israel. Bakgrunnen er at Jagland selv ikke skjønte at hans habilitet burde vært vurdert. - Jagland og Juul er og var visstnok nære venner. Om det var inhabilitet kommer an på hvor nære venner og samarbeidspartnere de var, og det kan ikke jeg bedømme. Men i den grad vi kan bygge på det inntrykket som er gitt i pressen, der det er snakk om et nært forhold, både politisk, personlig og faglig, er det mye som tyder på at Jagland her har tippet over i inhabilitet, sier Smith til Dagsavisen.   - Et mål med habilitetslovgivningen er å hindre at noen skal kunne bruke sin posisjon til å mele sin egen eller nærståendes kake. I tillegg skal disse bestemmelsene verne om befolkningens tillit til dem som styrer. Det inntrykket som er skapt i denne saken, er egnet til å svekke inntrykket av en ryddig stat. Dette er noe alle parter taper på, slår Smith fast. For at habilitetsreglene skal kunne virke, er det viktig at den enkelte beslutningstaker selv tar opp og gjør oppmerksom på forhold som kan skape inhabilitet. Smith mener derfor at det var galt av Thorbjørn Jagland ikke å ta opp spørsmålet om sin habilitet vis-à-vis Mona Juul og eventuelt få den vurdert av sin overordnede, statsminister Jens Stoltenberg, eller en faginstans som f.eks. regjeringsadvokaten før han innstilte henne som ambassadør i november 2000. - Med de forbeholdene jeg har nevnt, ser dette ut til å være tale om et personlig forhold som er vesentlig nærmere mer vanlig mellom kolleger på en arbeidsplass. Derfor er det uheldig at spørsmålet ikke engang ble reist den gang, sier Smith, og sier at hans klare råd ville vært å be Jagland holde seg unna saken. Dermed ville både han selv og det norske samfunn ha vært spart for den situasjonen av mistillit som vi nå er oppe i.

Dagbladet 23.05.2002 s. 20 rapporterer om at også Arne Olav Brundtland, FN-WHO direktøren og legen dr. Gro Harlem Brundtlands mann, har fått en fredpris 03.04.2002, med et ukjent pengebeløp, i følge Turkish Daily News. Mannen bak fredsprisen er enn den tyrkiske legen dr. Dodramacy. "Fredsprisene henger visst ikke særlig høyt for tiden," sier en talskvinne fra AFIN litt syrlig, og sier til IJ@ at hun lurer ørlite grann på om Dodramacy kan ha fått pengene til fredsprisen fra UD via FN og dr. Gro. Les også i Aftenposten:  - Juul som politisk stormsvale - 23.05.02 - Ingen Oslo-avtale uten nettverket - 23.05.02; - Dette er en uverdig krangel - 22.05.02; Hagen vil fortsatt granske Jagland - 22.05.02; - Blåst ut av proporsjoner - 16.05.02; Advarer mot misbruk av kontrollkomiteen - 15.05.02; Ordknapp Mona Juul tilbake til Tel Aviv - 15.05.02; Stortinget inn i Juul-saken - 14.05.02; Juul blir bedt om å søke ny jobb - 14.05.02; Mona Juul forklarte seg for UD - 13.05.02; Kommentar: Løgn og tap av tillit - 13.05.02; Kommentar: Petersens talerør? - 13.05.02; - Juul-saken er mitt gebet, sier Petersen - 12.05.02. 

I Utenriksdepartementet, UD, har man plikt til å rapportere gaver når verdien overstiger 500 kroner. Det vakte derfor sterke reaksjoner innad i UD da det ble kjent at Juul og ektemannen, Terje Rød-Larsen, hadde mottatt 50.000 amerikanske dollar, eller rundt 450.000 kroner hver seg i prispenger. Utenriksminister Jan Petersen gjorde altså torsdag vedtak i personalsaken mot Mona Juul. Hun gis en skriftlig irettesettelse i medhold av tjenestemannslovens § 14.   Underrettet ikke. Bakgrunnen er at hun har mottatt en fredspris med en tilhørende pengesum på USD 50.000 fra Peres-senteret. Hun underrettet ikke arbeidsgiveren om denne pengesummen, heter det i en pressemelding fra UD. Forholdet rammes også av den ulovfestede lojalitetsplikt i arbeidsforhold og av tjenestemannslovens § 20, heter det videre. Offentlig utdeling. Ekteparet Juul og Rød-Larsen har forsvart seg med at tildelingen av fredsprisen fra Peres-senteret foregikk i full offentlighet, med representanter fra UD tilstede. Men pressen har langt på vei dokumentert at spørsmålet om penger ikke ble nevnt under tildelingen. Pengene ble samlet inn i etterkant. Det har vært ventet at Mona Juul ville få en skriftlig irettesettelse. Hun var i Oslo forrige uke for å forklare seg for departementet. I kjølvannet av saken har spørsmålet om utnevnelsen av henne kommet opp, og i forlengelse av dette; om Arbeiderpartiet har blandet politikk, regjeringsverv og personlige bånd på en usunn måte.

Dagsavisen 22.05.2002: Bestemte seg for Juul da han var hennes sjef: Daværende utenriksminister Thorbjørn Jagland (Ap) bestemte seg for å utnevne partifellen og vennen Mona Juul til ambassadør allerede mens hun jobbet som hans statssekretær. Det dokumenterer et brev som Utenriksdepartementet (UD) sendte til Stortingets kontroll- og konstitusjonskomité i går. Dagsavisen 21.05.2002: UD: Juuls utnevnelse reglementert! Ifølge et brev til kontrollkomiteen i Stortinget mener Utenriksdepartementet at det ikke skjedde noe som gikk i mot reglementet da Mona Juul ble utnevnt til ambassadør i Israel. Utenriksminister Jan Petersen forsvarer også Thorbjørn Jagland og mener han ikke var inhabil i saken. I svarbrevet til Stortingets kontrollkomité sier UD at utnevnelsen av Norges ambassadør i Israel ble gjort innenfor regelverket.   – Den framgangsmåten Jagland har benyttet, har han full adgang til å bruke, selv om det ikke er den mest brukte, for å si det forsiktig, sier Petersen til Nettavisen. Han forsvarer Jagland og mener han ikke var inhabil. NRK sier Jagland har brukt "styringsretten". "Spørsmålet er da om ikke denne "styringsretten" bør innskrenkes noe for å unngå lignende episoder i fremtiden", sier S. Olsen fra NACO. Petersen vil ikke ut med hva som blir UDs reaksjon på at Juul brøt tjenestemannslovens paragraf 20, da hun ikke meldte fra om sin andel av fredsprisen, på 450.000 kroner, fra Peres-senteret.

 UTENRIKSPOLITISK BARNEHAGE: Formann i Stortingets utenrikskommite T. Jagland sier at Juul-saken «skader Norge og en lang rekke enkeltmennesker,» uten å nevne navn.  Slik kommenterer Jagland den spesielle situasjon at utenriksminister Petersen og han selv, som er leder av Stortingets utenrikskomité, er offentlig i tottene på hverandre:  - Det er han som er i tottene på oss, det var han som begynte å snakke om dette Ap-nettverket.  Jan Petersen, utenriksministeren kommenterer Juul-utnevnelsen slik:  - Der har ikke jeg noe å bidra med. Det var Thorbjørn Jaglands beslutning. Det skjønnet må han forsvare selv. Fr.p-føreren Carl I. Hagen, som sitter i kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen, men ikke er formann, vil nå stille flere spørsmål om utnevnelsen av Juul. For det første hvor mange ganger man har benyttet seg av en slik ansettelsesmetode de siste 20 årene, og for det andre om Jaglands habilitet overhodet ble vurdert, og hva en slik vurdering eventuelt resulterte i. "Fullt kaos og høk over høk med rivaliserende "stater i staten" i sentraladministrasjonens utenrikspolitikk for tiden med andre ord...", sier S. Olsen i NACO til IJ@.

Juul-saken helt unik: Ingen UD-ansatt har noensinne fått penger i gave - unntatt Mona Juul og Terje Rød-Larsen. Det opplyser UD overfor Dagsavisen 18.05.2002. Fordi pengeskandalen med Juul og Rød-Larsen er historisk unik, kan UD heller ikke svare på hva som hadde skjedd med de 900.000 kronene dersom ekteparet hadde oppgitt pengegaven på korrekt måte. - Når det gjelder gaver som mottas, blir den donert til departementet, hvis man ikke søker om å få beholde den. Når departementet tar hånd om gaver på denne måten, avhenger hva man gjør av hva gaven er. Et bilde kan henges på veggen, en vase kan brukes på en avdeling, opplyser fungerende pressetalsmann i UD, Kjersti Andersen, til Dagsavisen. - Hva skjer hvis gaven er penger? - Det er litt uklart, vi har ikke vært borti den problemstillingen. - Sier du at Rød-Larsen og Juul-saken - UD bekjent - er den eneste gang i historien at ansatte i departementet har fått penger i gave?  - Ja.  Hva skjer med pengegaver, prinsipielt?  - Det har aldri vært tatt stilling til det. "En smule autoritært kaos i UD altså", sier en oppgitt S. Olsen fra NACO: "Godt Norge får låne øre hos Anarkistinternasjonalels ambassade, AIE, en gang i mellom, ellers hadde det nok ikke gått så bra..."Dagsavisen 16.05.2002: Terje Rød-Larsen sier han ikke er bekymret over en fullstendig gransking av all pengebruken rundt Oslo-prosessen. Da Terje Rød-Larsen i går besøkte Oslo for å holde et foredrag om Midtøsten på Nobelinstituttet, ville han bare motvillig snakke om fredsprisskandalen som rammer både ham selv og kona Mona Juul, Norges ambassadør til Israel. - Jeg sier som utenriksminister Jan Petersen: Denne saken er blåst ut over alle proporsjoner, var alt Rød-Larsen ville si om ordensstraff-saken Utenriksdepartementet (UD) har reist mot kona hans, Mona Juul.

Aftenposten 15.05.2002: Rød-Larsen: - Jeg er forvirret og i villrede... - Når krig og krise mellom Israel og palestinerne spisser seg til, da står FNs 54-årige norske spesialrådgiver Terje Rød-Larsen under intenst press. Hans kritikk av Israels militære aksjoner, spesielt i flyktningeleiren Jenin, er møtt med israelske krav om å se terrorens rekkevidde og opphav. I et intervju med den store sentrumvenstreavisen Maariv, trykket i Tel Aviv 26. april, tar Rød-Larsen og journalisten Dan Shilon opp en rekke av de aktuelle konfliktemnene i området. "Hovedproblemet som Aftenposten-redaktøren ikke har fått med seg, er at en forholdsvis rendyrket terrororganisasjon som PLO trolig ikke kan bli bærende for en demokratisk stat, kun en autoritær terroriststat." sier en talsmann for NACO. Aft.p. igjen: Stortinget inn i Juul-saken: Stortingets kontroll- og konstitusjonskomite vil ha opplysninger om hva som er skjedd i Mona Juul-saken. En enstemmig komite vedtok tirsdag å sende flere spørsmål til Utenriksdepartementet. Det viktigste komiteen vil ha svar på er hvordan pengene er gått mellom Peressentret og ekteparet Juul/Rød Larsen. Fremskrittspartiet er også interessert i det som skjedde i Utenriksdepartementet da Mona Juul ble utnevnt til ambassadør i Israel. Try the translation tool "Inter-Tran" at if you don't understand Norwegian.

Aftenposten "News in English" 14.05.2002: Parliamentary committee probes controversial prize. A watchdog committee in Parliament is sending a series of questions to the Foreign Ministry, part of an effort to investigate whether Norway's current ambassador to Israel improperly accepted a USD 50,000 prize from a peace center that's received funding from the Norwegian government. Mona Juul was ordered home to Oslo, to answer questions about her acceptance of a cash prize from the Peres Center in Isarel. The Parliament's (Storting's) Control and Constitution Committee wants to examine how the prize money came about and whether any rules were broken. It's also curious as to how money Norway donated to the Peres Center for peace was used.    The committee also wants to examine Mona Juul's appointment as Norway's ambassador to Israel. Juul is a longtime diplomat active in Mid-East affairs, who also has close ties to Norway's Labour Party and former party boss Thorbjørn Jagland, who was Foreign Minister at the time of her appointment.

The Peres Center in Israel also awarded USD 50,000 to Juul's husband, Terje Roed-Larsen, also a longtime Norwegian diplomat who now is the UN's special envoy to the Middle East. The prize the couple received was publicized when it was awarded in 1999, but Norway's foreign ministry wasn't aware it included a total of USD 100,000 in prize money. Neither Juul nor Roed-Larsen reported the prize money to their superiors. Israeli press reports have characterized the prize money as a "gift" to Juul and Roed-Larsen, who played key roles in forming the so-called "Oslo Agreement" in Mid-East peace talks. Juul spent most of Monday in meetings at the Foreign Ministry in Oslo, where she reportedly was questioned by top ministry officials. The case will eventually be forwarded to current Foreign Minister Jan Petersen. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Tuesday that Juul may be asked to apply for another position within the ministry, thereby losing her ambassadorial post in Israel, where her husband still works for the UN.

Dagbladet 14.05.2002: Juul i UD-møte nå. Mona Juul sitter nå i møte med utenriksdepartementet for å redde sin ambassadørstilling i Israel. Stortinget vil ha flere svar rundt ekteparet Juul og Terje Rød-Larsen. Dagsavisen: Mona Juul i nytt møte med UD i dag. Ambassadør Mona Juul skal ha nye møter med UD i dag, for å gå gjennom ordensstraff-saken UD har reist mot henne. NRK.NO: UD trenger mer tid. UD trenger flere dager på seg for å behandle saken om pengene Mona Juul mottok fra Peres-stiftelsen i Israel i 1999. Sterke innslag av jødehat. Jødehat og islamsk ekstremisme er i ferd med å sette sterkt preg på de ukentlige demonstrasjonene som arrangeres i Oslo til støtte for palestinerne. VG: Grilles videre i dag  - UD-ledelsen ikke fornøyd med Mona Juuls svar. Utenriksdepartementet var ikke fornøyd med svarene Mona Juul ga i oppvaskmøtet i går. Derfor forsetter grillingen av den hardt pressede norske ambassadøren i dag. Aftenposten 13.05.2002: Mona Juul blir bedt om å søke ny jobb Mona Juul blir om kort tid bedt om å søke en annen stilling. Det er den mest sannsynlige utgang av prosessen som ble innledet i Oslo mandag.

Aft.p 12.05.2002 Høyres Inge Lønning tror ambassadør Mona Juul er omplassert innen utgangen av året. - Dette er mitt gebet, svarer Jan Petersen. Carl I. Hagen sier det er oppsiktsvekkende at ikke de to Høyre-politikerne er samkjørte. 10.05.2002 Ap.-leder Thorbjørn Jagland mener Inge Lønning (h) driver sjikane i striden om norske penger til Peres-senteret. Statens  økonomi-reglement ble ikke brutt da det i fjor ble bevilget penger til Peres-senteret i Israel uten at regnskap for år 2000 var mottatt, mener Utenriksdepartementet (UD). Daværende utenriksminister Thorbjørn Jagland bevilget i oktober i fjor 700000 kroner til senteret, blant annet etter oppfordring fra ambassadør Mona Juul. -Humanitære prosjekter har ofte 12 måneders varighet. Det innebærer i praksis at det kan ta ett og et halvt år fra tildeling av midler og til rapport og regnskap foreligger, sier fungerende pressetalsmann Erling Rimestad i UD. Stortingets visepresident, Høyres Inge Lønning, fastholder sine antydninger om at et nettverk av Ap.-folk nærmest har drevet Midtøsten-politikk som et privat prosjekt. Han mener at det ikke er et avgjørende argument at 7 av 10 millioner som er bevilget til Peres-senteret, ble bevilget da Knut Vollebæk (kr.f.) var utenriksminister.-Mønsteret begynte lenge før Vollebæk ble utenriksminister, blant annet med FAFO og Rød-Larsen som sentrale aktører. Siden er etablert praksis blitt fulgt, sier Lønning til Aftenposten. -Jeg synes Stortingets visepresident bør avholde seg fra å slenge ut påstander om norske borgere. Det er ikke bare uverdig, men også i strid med rettsstatlige prinsipper, sier Jagland. -Nå får man begynne å ta politiske initiativer, fremfor å sjikanere dem som har gjort en innsats for fred i Midtøsten, fremholder Jagland. "Tja, fri, saklig, kritikk  er vel sunt i et åpent anarkistisk samfunn," skyter en talsmann fra Folkebladet inn: "Å sende olje- og surt erverdede skatte-kroner til korrupte og terrorister i Arafats PLO-stat er vel heller tvilsomt 'fredsarbeide' ."

VG 07.05.02: "Forskningsprosjekt stoppet. Som statssekretær i Utenriksdepartementet skal Mona Juul ha stoppet en omfattende evaluering av «Oslo-prosessen» - der Juul og hennes ektemann Terje Rød-Larsen spilte svært viktige roller.   - Ap-nettverket frister til korrupsjon. Høyres stortingsrepresentant Inge Lønning mener Aps Midtøsten-forhandlere ikke skiller rollene, og lager systemer som frister til korrupsjon. 06.05.02 - Ikke grunn til å purre. Terje Rød-Larsen hevder at han ikke hadde grunn til å purre på fredspris-pengene fra Peres-senteret. -  Ansatte ved Peres-senteret sjokkert. Etter at ekteparet Mona Juul og Terje Rød-Larsen fikk en fredspris fra Peres-senteret, skal Rød-Larsen, ifølge en ansatt ved senteret, ved to anledninger ha vært innom senteret og purret på de to sjekkene på 50 000 dollar hver. 05.05.2002: Jagland avviser Midtøsten-kritikk. Partileder Thorbjørn Jagland (Ap) avviser utenriksministerens skarpe kritikk av Arbeiderpartiets rolle i forbindelse med fredsprosessen i Midtøsten. - Slakter «Ap-nettverk»: Utenriksminister og leder i Høyre, Jan Petersen, tar nå et historisk oppgjør med Arbeiderpartiets rolle i fredsprosessen i Midtøsten." Try the translation tool "Inter-Tran" at if you don't understand Norwegian.

It seems to be quite clear that a very powerful faction in UD, corrupt, marxian and authoritarian, Yes to EU and biased pro Arafat and terror, has been in action for a long time. What we have seen is perhaps just a tip of the iceberg. This will probably increase the "Grand Oil-Price and Terrorism Conspiracy" rumors, harming the good reputation of The Anarchy of Norway as a peaceloving and peaceworking country. Conspiracy, informal price collaboration, or just a corrupt marxian/authoritarian tendency: Something is wrong in the Anarchy of Norway and internationally, an authoritarian tendency, and this should be cleaned up and done away with, the sooner the better. "Anarchy rules OK", and should be followed, also by the UD-bureaucrats. Jan Petersen is primarely responsible for cleaning up the mess. He should act as a delegate of and for the people, the anarchists included. If he can't manage this, he should take his hat and leave the office. That's the anarchy rule. If something is wrong - the top is to blame, and usually should go; to be anarchist the system's management must all in all work from the bottom, from the people - anarchists included, towards the top, not from the top, the bureaucracy, towards the bottom. The corrupt tendency, both economical and political/administrative, broadly defined, in UD, is also shed light on in Folkebladet, see , and and search for UD.


A main question is however how much of the aid-money delivered via the Norwegian, EU's and other countries' bureaucrats to the PLO-State of Arafat have gone to the terrorists?! If the Palestinian terrorists have got a significant amount of the aid and other money to the PLO-State of Arafat, the Grand Conspiracy theory will be hard to stop 100% because there seems to be a core in it. The Israeli anti-terrorist forces say they have found evidence that Arafat is connected to the terrorists. If this evidence is sound (so far only Arafat's own fellows doubt it is true) there will be another part of a possible small core in the theory. Later on in April 2002 more evidence is found, supporting this hypothesis. 05.05.2002 NRK reports the Israeli troops have found even more sound evidence for a direct connection between Arafat & the Palestine authority and the terrorism. The Palestine authority of course says it is not valid. NRK 23.04.2002 reports more than 2 000 000 000 NOK (2 billion) has been given away in aid to the terrorist PLO-state of Arafat since 1993. Thus a significant amount of money may have been distributed to the terrorists, their infra-structure, bomb factories, bombs and paying the adult terrorists and the parents and relatives of suicide bomb terrorist children, etc. How much of the money that have been delivered to the terrorists are however not investigated sufficiently so far. But only a small percentage of more than 2 000 000 000 NOK may give a lot of terrorism and tendencially a hike in the crude oil-price. Thus, the facts may contribute to further rumors about the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy". The international media reports that much of the aid money have gone to the corrupt Palestinian bureaucrats, and that little have reached the workingclass people. There are reports that an amount of about 10 000 000 NOK have gone to the Palestinian terrorist from the EU's aid to the PLO-state of Arafat. This is in no way directly connected to the Norwegian oil-fund.

03.05.2002: Norway using ever less of oil fund, Aftenposten reports. Last year's tax income was so high that Norway did not need to touch its massive petroleum fund to balance the national budget. Mainland Norway's taxpayers covered the bills, and virtually the entire fund went untouched. While money is being pumped into the central administration's coffers like never before, higher tax payments steadily reduce the need to dip into the oil fund to run the country. Use of the oil fund has fallen sharply in the past decade. In 1993, at the time of the Oslo agreement for the Mid East, the at that time state-socialist - marxian - Norway burned off NOK 70 (US $ 8.35) billion. Last year's consumption was just NOK 1.6 billion, pocket change in terms of the country's hoard. Stortinget (a kind of parliament) reckoned on a deficit of 12 billion when calculating the 2001 budget, with total expenses of 500 billion. At the same time Stortinget, under pressure from the minority Labor Party state council, opened for that more of the oil fund would be made available for use starting from 2002. Tax and duty revenues for last year exceeded expectations by 16 billion, leaving the central administration up 10 billion after taking higher than expected expenses into account. Thus, the rumors about a direct connection between Arafat & Co's terrorism and aid-money from the Anarchy of Norway's oil-fund or warpremium on the crude oil price at least seems to be ca 100% not valid for today's situation. A connection related to the earlier Labor Party regimes, and/or indirectly via future use of the oil-fund can however not 100% be ruled out by these figures.

08.04.2002: A prominent member of the "Grand Conspiracy", Saddam Hussein, stops exporting oil for a month, in support for Arafat and to make quick Israeli withdrawel, and thus support more terrorism and war later on. The hidden agenda is to hike the oil price, now and later, and also support the other members in the Conspiracy now, because he has not paid contigent for a while, the rumors say. A faction in the muslim, fundamentilist hierarchy in Iran is also part of the Conspiracy, however not yet as active as Saddam's. NRK reports the shares of Statoil and the mainly State-owned Hydro, also with a branch in the oil-business, are hiked at the Olso Børs. The oil-price and the shares have however small ups and downs, although the general level of the price is hiked because of the Mid East trouble, i.e. a significant war-premium is a fact. 07.05.2002 Sadam Hussein once more exports crude oil, and the oil-price is falling a bit. The rumors say he has finally paid the contigent.


Everybody know the marxists are leading the large Coop consumer co-operatives in Norway. 04.04.2002 Coop leaders say they will boycott goods from Israel. This is perhaps not so important, but no other shops will boycott, and not the Bondevik II state council, so it looks perhaps a bit odd in "Grand Conspiracy" view for people who think that way. 08.04.2002: The newspaper "Nationen" reports the Coop will not boycott Israel after all. There are rumors a majority of marxist affiliates to the Conspiracy fought fiercely against a minority of anarchists in the co-operative 04-5.04.2002, and that the anarchists won against all odds. It is also well known that CIA trained Osama bin Laden in the Soviet-Afghan war. Although the name "Bongo from Congo" was introduced much later (2001), the rumors say the Grand Conspiracy is much older, it's just the codename that is relatively new. And the codename have by accident leaked from the UD via the fogarch of the Labor Party T. Jagland (probably because he is to stupid to hold his mouth shut), who also are very pro Arafat, and a friend of "Red" Rød Larsen. It is said these two Labor Party leftists would have given more money to Arafat if they had remained in power medio 1990s, but the media discovered Rød Larsen was corrupt, so he had his "watergate". Because he was corrupt, he got job in UN again, that is also very much corrupt, so he fitted better in there than i Norway. In UN he is mainly backing up Arafat, who again backs up the terrorists. (search for "Larsen" in the "History of Norway and the Anarchy", at , to read more about it.)

Hanna Kvannmo, a former nazi, member of a Vidkun Quisling's NS organization, and later leader of the marxist Socialist Left party, SV, and member of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, has tried to put the blame on the terrorism on the Jews, ca 100% biased for the Arafat regime, saying Shimon Peres should never have gotten the Peace Prize. NRK has last week several times sent an interview with the deputy boss follower of the ultra-authoritarian marxist Johan "Crackpot" Galtung at the "peace research institute PRIO" in Oslo, Hilde Henriksen Waage, stating loud and clear that the situation in Palestine is "anarchy and chaos", a bit similar to the Red Cross marxist Egeland (See , search for Egeland). Her analysis in general are also pseudoscientifical, a mix of facts and not facts and what she "feels", as she says to NRK, ca 100% biased pro Arafat. Both NRK and PRIO researchers have got several brown cards and warnings for breaking the Oslo convention in the terrorist and chaos connection before. Now they may share another one. She is also putting the blame for the terrorism mainly on the Jews. The "Friends of Frost" who is behind some of the conspiracy rumors, have expressed the "Grand Conspiracy" also has connections to nazis, and so called peace activists. UD for a while in the 1980/90s redistributed mail for German neonazis. Thus a nazi-connection is also possible. 07.05.2002 the Nobel Comittee in a press release say the Nobel Prizes cannot be withdrawn according the their constititution, and they do not agree with Hanna Kvannmo in this case. Thus, the rumors about withdrawel of Henry Kissinger's Nobel peace prize is also in this way rejected.

NRK 07.04.2002 reports that the American tobacco-manufacturing companies have been behind som smearstories against Gro Harlem Brundtland, because she works against smoking. They are playing very dirty, so it is also possible the American tobacco companies may be behind some of the rumors connected to the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy". Later on in April 2002 there are reports in some of the main international newsmedia that some US-interests are behind the terrorist-networks, see , search in file for US. 05.05.2002: LO will put up a boycott of import of fruit and vegetables from Israel as Liv Valla, their commie matriarch, with background from KUL - Kommunistisk Universitetslag, a fundamentalistic leninist group, recommended on May Day. However there is really very little such import at this time, so the action is seen mostly as a marxian joke, although illegal. It will have no effect whatsoever, neither on the oil-price nor Israeli anti-terrorist activities. Perhaps a few of the marxian LO-mafia will be arrested?

07.05.2002: Members of five trade unions in Oslo searched incoming trucks on Tuesday morning in an effort to halt the transport of Israeli fruit and vegetables. The action aimed to protest Israel's military offensive against Palestinians. About 60 people took part in searching 50 trucks and no Israeli produce was found during a demonstration that completely blocked traffic at the capital's main fruit and vegetable depot in Økern. Some drivers were clearly annoyed with the unexpected delay but activists claimed that the majority sympathized with the grounds for the search. The protest aims to stop all import of Israeli goods and the deputy leader of the union for Oslo iron and metal workers, the authoritarian marxist Boye Ullmann, compared the attempted boycott to actions aimed at the former apartheid regime in South Africa. "Ask Bishop Desmond Tutu what those protests meant for blacks in South Africa. We know that the news of our efforts reaches Palestinians and we wish to show our support for them in this way," Ullmann said. The leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), Gerd-Liv Valla, as indicated above encouraged trade union members to boycott Israeli products "for as long as the conflict lasts" in her May 1 address to workers in Oslo. Valla also advocated sending international forces to the Middle East. "The first will just prolong the struggle and perhaps contribute to hike the oil-price and create more conspiracy rumors, the latter is, if done in the right way, consistent with the anarchist plans," an AIE spokeswoman said to IJ@.

13.05.2002 Aftenposten reports LO-bosses on a trip to Israel were stopped for a while at the border, because LO was considereds to be a hostile organization. "No wonder", an AIE spokesman said. The marxian matriarch of LO, Valla, was very upset. The Aftenposten's headlines in Norwegian were: LO-topper utpekt som Israels fiender. En delegasjon fra norsk LO ble søndag nektet adgang til Israel. Begrunnelse: De tilhører en fiendtlig organisasjon.  LO-leder Gerd-Liv Valla er rystet. - Jeg er opprørt! At en så fremtredende representant for LO og dermed for nærmere en million norske arbeidstagere blir stanset på denne måten, er svært sterkt, sier en oppskaket LO-leder. Aftenposten News In English had also a report about the event: Union leaders stopped at Tel Aviv airport. An official delegation of top Norwegian union leaders was branded as an "enemy of the state" after landing in Tel Aviv on Sunday for meetings with local labor leaders. The group was held for several hours at Ben Gurion Airport before finally being allowed to enter the country. The head of the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO) reacted angrily to the incident, indicating that it offended more than a million Norwegian workers who long have supported Israel. LO boss Gerd-Liv Valla said she didn't want to speculate on whether the LO delegation's treatment at the airport was linked to her own calls for a consumer boycott of Israeli products until Israeli violence in the area stops. "We have long had a good relationship with Israel, but like Norway itself, we've developed better contact with the Palestinians," she said, adding that LO supports Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian areas. "And we have marked that up to 100,000 demonstrated for peace in Tel Aviv on Saturday, so we are also in line with a large portion of the Israeli population." Members of the Norwegian delegation say they had no doubt they were stopped because LO has criticized Israel's government over its massive military action in the West Bank. The delegation had traveled to Israel to meet both union counterparts, both Israeli and Palestinian. Israeli officials threatened to send them back to Europe on the next available flight, before diplomats from Norway's embassy in Israel negotiated their release. The LO officials then said they were harassed by customs inspectors before finally being allowed admission to the country. "Red & brown commies and terrorist lovers don't deserve anything better", an anarchosyndicalist said in a comment to IJ@.

Aftenposten 14.05.2002: LO stands by its criticism of Israel. The Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO) is standing by its criticism of Israeli aggression against Palestinians. "Strong disagreement with the politics of the Sharon government mustn't be construed as hostility towards Israel as a state," said a top LO official on Tuesday. LO has been fending off harsh and carefully organized criticism from Israeli authorities and Jewish groups since it itself criticized Israeli's military action in the West Bank. In a May 1st speech, LO boss Gerd-Liv Valla called for a boycott of Israeli products until the violence ceases. The reaction by Israeli and Jewish organizations has been swift. An LO delegation was nearly prevented from entering Israel last Sunday, the Israeli Embassy in Oslo has been crying foul, e-mail campaigns are in full swing and even the Anti-Defamation League of the US is urging the AFL-CIO to boycott Norwegian products, because of LO's criticism.   But LO is standing firm. "We haven't said or done anything we regret," said Jon Ivar Naalsund of LO. "We simply won't accept that our criticism denotes a hostile holding towards Israel. "We believe it is very important that Israel shall exist on a long-term basis within secure and accepted boundaries," he continued. "We believe the Palestinians should have the same right, which was the basis for the Oslo Agreement. "We are disappointed and upset that Israel has damaged this work so severely." He claimed LO is far from alone in its criticism of current Israeli policy, noting that other European labor organizations also have opposed recent actions by Israel's current conservative government. "This may give even more rumors about the red & brown LO-bosses are a part of the "Grand Oil-Price and Terrorism Conspiracy", an anarchosyndicalist says to IJ@.


A leninist (trotskyite?) ruling a commie e-mail list called Rad-Green at Internet, also with participaters linked to the Industrial, Macdonald Stainsby, in a comment to the AIE's note on the Grand Conspiracy both indicates he believe in it - and supports the Conspiracy, even if he admits it is "dirty" - typical communist, saying: "Anyone who can send weapons to the Palestinian ... (terrorists) ... right now is a true hero and it is of the highest internationalist order that people the world over do more (of it)... Yes, politics are "dirty"." As Macdonald Stainsby is a typical authoritarian cynical marxist (we have sound proof at AIIS about it), only a bit loud and direct, he may say what the others think, the authoritarian in the Norwegian marxist parties RV, SV, AP, and the red-brown labor union leaders included... To a marxist of course the "Grand Conspiracy" is just seen as a necessary superstructure above the basic economical conditions related to terrorism and oil price and the development of capitalism in a materialistic dialectical prosess, and thus it is a historical nessecity, and no moral or ethical problem. Freedom is according to Lenin a bourgeois prejudice, and thus such conspiracies develope with historical necessity, and is unavoidable as a part of the capitalist system. Thus, the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy" is a necessary dialectical historical development of capitalism and a step on the road towards the marxist revolution. Anarchists, using the non-dogmatic and non-dialectical method introduced by Kropotkin 1903-13, however don't believe too much in marxist theories, but see this mainly as pseudoscience.


IIFOR researchers say 07.04.2002 there exist no sound proof for the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy" so far, and the IAT says the same. Both IIFOR and IAT say the whole "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy" idea and discussion seem to be confused fogarch nonsense, similar to the Norwegian Labor Party's party leader T. Jagland's marxist leftist "philosophy". However there may perhaps be a very small possibility of a slight informal price collaboration by some of the suppliers and states involved, outside Norway. Although not at all likely, this could perhaps be investigated a bit more, and the effects of terrorism and Mid East trouble on the crude oil price in general, for historical and forecast purposes. Both IIFOR and IAT are a bit interested in this field of research, not the conspiracy nonsense. However nor IIFOR nor IAT have the capacity to do such research in the foreseen future. The IAT has however asked the Norwegian "Konkurransetilsynet" to take a look at the matter, see . By the way, with collaboration we mean co-operation with the enemy, in this case the arch enemy, not the metaphysical one, but real ones. Sending children out with bombs to blow up themselves as well as innocent workingclass people, randomly, far a way from any strategically important object, is ca 100% terrorism, neither resistance nor "freedom fighting", i.e. really in the service of the arch enemy. Any person who supports such acts, is really a collaborationist with the arch enemy, i.e. clearly more than 67% authoritarian. If this is done to hike the oil price... We'll say no more!

The IAT has also got a note from Coop as a reply to the letter to "Konkurransetilsynet" 9. april 2002 16:13 sent to Coop, stating their present position, to stop the bad rumors: "From Kjeserud, Kirsten sent to Coop 10. April 2002 09:17- Re: INFORMAL CRUDE OIL-PRICE COLLABORATION? - There will bee no Coop-boycott of Israel - Thursday’s message in media that said Coop Norway was going to boycott fruit and vegetables from Israel, is not correct. Together with Coop Sweden and Coop Denmark (Coop Nordic) it has been decided not to boycott Israel, but follow national and international standings in regard to the question of Israeli boycott.  There will therefore bee no one-sided Coop boycott. The nordic cooperatives will support any initiativ that will stop the violence and secure the peace in the Middle East.  Coop Norway Information Departement. Oslo, 5. of April 2002, from Wednesday, April 10, 2002 11:34 . Thus the Norwegian Coop consumer co-operatives so far will not contribute to prolong the conflict in the Mid East and hike the war-premium on the Norwegian oil export, as the rumors indicated. Coop is clean for any conspiracy rumors. This is of course nice to all the anarchists that are members and co-owners (possession) of the Coop. Some have discussed to leave the Coop if the co-operative had boycotted Israel, and thus probably contributed to prolong the Mid East conflict, since the anarchists supports the "no-terrorism = withdrawel = Palestine state" as soon as possible approach.

The Gro Harlem Brundtland, NRK and Vidkun Quisling connection:

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From: 3Alt - Det tredje alternativ - Gruppe Ragnar Frisch
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 00:06:37 +0100



We understand that you will try to rehabilitate Gro Harlem Brundtland via rehabilitation of Vidkun Quisling in your "balanced" programs on the brown nazi-shit, and even say the yellow Hitler-licker Quisling was a "rebel". This will not work (see below). Gro Harlem Brundtland was perhaps a 'rebel' against the Norwegian Anarchy (i.e. real democracy) in 1994-95, but she was a quisling type 'rebel'. More and more people world wide understand that Vidkun Quisling was no 1, and, sorry to say, Gro Harlem Brundtland and most of the Labor Party and the YES-movement in general are a "good" no 2 on the Norwegian quisling ranking. Be glad "Brundtland" = "quisling" is not yet in the dictionaries world wide, and cool it NRK. (NB! Brun means Brown in Norwegian!) And don't forget the "peace prize" she got... [read about the documents above]... corrupt is what we call it!!!! Search for Brundtland at in general. Be reasonable and stop the EU-propaganda, NRK !!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice evening.

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From: 3Alt - Det tredje alternativ - Gruppe Ragnar Frisch
To: Folket vs øvrigheten m. fjerde statsmakt
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 11:07 PM
Subject: Christmas Quiz. Answer: Vidkun Quisling is above all the arch-EU-man and the most internationally famous Norwegian.

Christmas Quiz 2002. Who is the most internationally famous Norwegian. Vidkun Quisling or Thor Heyerdahl?

Christmas Quiz. Answer: Vidkun Quisling is above all the arch-EU-man and the most internationally famous Norwegian.

In almost all dictionaries world wide the following word is properly defined: quisling, 1.Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), Norwegian politician who betrayed his country to the Nazis and became its puppet ruler. 2. A person who betrays his own country by helping an enemy to invade and occupy it; a traitor. Heyerdahl, Nansen, Amundsen, Ibsen etc is not mentioned at all. Vidkun Quisling is the archenemy world wide - NO doubt!!! We guess Quisling got his BAUTA with RUNER world wide, as he wished....

Best regards ANARCHON , the real Pope in Rome, on Christmas visit to Norway, joining the AFIN's (Norwegian IFA Anarchist Federation) 25 years anniversary celebration - and participating on the 7th Anarchist Biennial, medio December 2002.

"ANARCHON has certainly a relevant argument", says A. Quist, the famous anarchafeminist, " the price on the Norwegian crude oil from the North Sea would certainly not be optimal if Norway joined the European Union, and the North Sea oil was used as a buffer against OPEC price-regulations.

"Talking about ANARCHON, known as the real Pope in Rome, and trying to give the Catholic pope in Rome competition," the IJ@ editor H. Fagerhus says; " The following may be mentioned related to CNN's reports on so called miracles 20.12.2002":

"CNN: Miracles are fake. No miracles until now have prooved sound to have happened, using the modern scientifical method in a critical way. X-ray photos may easily be fixed, doctors may be muted, persons are telling lies. If an organization will benefit economically from a so called 'miracle', it is quite certainly bluff. Dangerous tumors doesn't disappear in a second. Some bad forms of cancer has no sound reports about healing. Some other may very rare be healed by 'themselves' over some time, i.e. say because a mutation appears in the immune-system. Most sound people have an immune system that rejects cancer, some others have not. A slight genetical mutation may sometimes, very rare, repair weak spots in the immune system. Mother Theresa, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, was later on caught in a corruption cases, cheating, and the catholic pope in Rome is weak and ill and easy manipulated by fascists and fraud. Some months ago he made a saint or something  like that of a Spanish fascist, i.e. a real devil, that very well may rot in hell if such a place  exist. He was certainly not much holy."  S.y. a well known heathen...  "However, this has probably not much to do with the crude oil price, says H. Fagerhus.

The Jimmy Carter Connection

11.10.2002: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2002, the chairman of the Nobel Committee in Oslo has announced. The AIE congratulates the old peace-worker, remembering a.o.t. the Camp-David agreement:

Congratulations with the Nobel Peace Prize Jimmy Carter.

Former American president Jimmy Carter's international peacework is now rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, and this is probably well deserved. It is however said that the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committe, Gunnar Berge, also wanted to kick the new American president Gerge W. Bush a bit on the leg, by this choice, probably to try to turn the Americans towards a policy more within the framework of the general anti-terrorist coalition. BBC's summary of Jimmy Carter's speech at the Nobel Prize event in Oslo today, 10.12.2002, also indicates this. In another report BBC mentions "State & Chaos" policy, and this should in general be avoided by all States as much as possible, especially by the United States of America as a part of the anti-terroristcoalition. We welcome the Americans back as a central part of the anti-terroristcoalition on rather equal footing as others. The world seemingly has no superpower in the meaning of arch-State anymore, and that is probably a good thing. Let's all work together on equal footing to do away with as much as possible of the terrorist-problem, i.e. all against Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

However the ones that believe in the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy" has hiked the rumors that Jimmy Carter got the Nobel Peace Prize as a payment for the corrupt transaction in 1994, as mentioned: 27.04.2002 VG reports the marxist matriarch "landsmodern" Gro Harlem Brundtland herself got prizes for ca 2,1 mill. NOK and put 0,7 of it in her own pocket. Furthermore the "Peres Peace Center" has a large network with members from the Norwegian and international plutarchs and party-political hierarchs, even including "Rimi-Hagen". Shimon Peres has been connected to money supporting Terje Rød-Larsen at least 3 times VG reports 27.04.2002: 1. In 1994 FAFO, LO's research institute, with Rød-Larsen as director got 100 000 US $ by the Jimmy Carter fundation, delivered by among others Shimon Peres; 2. In 1999 Rød-Larsen and the wife Mona Juul got 100 000 NOK from the "Peres Peace Center" in Tel Aviv. 3. Same year he and Mona got 10 000 US $ from an American-Jewish fundation, with Shimon Peres in the managing board. The rumors that these prizes to Gro Harlem Brundtland, Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul and later the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 to Jimmy Carter are one of many ways to share the profit from the "Grand Conspiracy" are increasing! The rumors also say that a) Jimmy Carter threatened to go public with what he knew about the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorist Conspiracy", code name "Bongo from Congo" referring to T. Jagland, and thus got the Nobel Peace Prize to shut up, and b) that he so far is satisfied with the payment, but he is thinking seriously of asking for more money to shut up also in the future, because it took so long time before he got his share of the oil-conspiracy profit...." We guess perhaps the rumors will still continue for a while...

Conclusion so far

The documentation mentioned above that is not clearly rejected as contrafactual is however all just circumstantial evidence, not sound proof of anything, neither informal price collaboration nor conspiracy. However a somewhat corrupt tendency, say, related to "prizes", has been revealed. But nobody should really believe the stories of the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy". They are probably just put up by some quasipolitical crackpots (say the leftist populist "Friends of Frost" (FOF) and others), to harm the Anarchy of Norway. The AI-Embassy and NACO will continue to say it is most likely bluff, and thus try to stop the rumors, in Norway as well as internationally! As usual the Norwegian UD, their embassies world wide, and information bureaucrats, don't do their job to stop the harmful rumors, so the AI-embassy must do the work, to keep up the good reputation of the Anarchy of Norway. Perhaps they really are a part of the "Grand Conspiracy"? Or UD is even more involved in the money trouble than we know today? Nobody can say 100% no for sure. There is no reason to be naive - nor to be paranoid - about conspiracies.

People interested in more information about conspiracies may send a note to the e-mail adress above.

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