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This is the official website of the Community Action Network, a section of the Anarchist International (AI). The Confederation is a loose network of libertarians broadly defined related to different community actions, sometimes involving other groups than anarchists, in broad based activities and fronts. These activities are, say, related to alternative, ad hoc, collective, neighbourhood and cultural, included counter-cultural, movements with a working class basis. The Network is historically rooted back to the 1970s as an informal network of contacts among people doing different kinds of community actions in Europe. In the latest part of the 1970s the secretariate was located to Copenhagen in Denmark.

In 1979 The Anarchist Federation of Norway on individual members' basis affiliated to the CAN. In 1982/83 this practice was adopted by the Northern sections of IFA. At about the same time the secretariate was moved to Oslo as a part of the Northern IFA-secretariate, and CAN became a section of the Anarchist International, i.e. CAN developed a significant anarchist tendency, although still sometimes involving non-anarchists. The label 'Community Action Network, CAN', is copyrighted and trademarked material of the Anarchist International, IJ@/fb ISSN 0800-0220 since the early 1980s.

Since the 1990s a few other groups have used the name without permission from the Anarchist International. These groups have of course nothing with the original libertarian Community Action Network to do, and should not be mixed up with the real CAN. More information is available via "contact CAN" below.


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