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The real anarchy online started in 1996, when the Anarchist International Information Servic - AIIS - the official news-agency of the Anarchist International went online at Internet. The Anarchist International, AI - IFA - IAF, is rooted back to the 1st International's, i.e. the International Workingmen's Association's conference at Saint-Imier, in The Swiss Confederation, 15-16.09. 1872. At this conference it was decided an anarchist resolution denouncing all forms of [authoritarian] political power, i.e. political/administrative and economically broadly defined. Also a solidarity and fellowship pact was decided upon by the delegates. The anarchist international had meetings several times during the years passing by.

The Anarchist International (IFA) was reorganized at a congress in Carrara (Italy) 31/8-5/9 1968. The purpose of the congress was, among other things, to create a world wide anarchist organization as an alternative to "Cohn Bendit et autres gauchistes", also called "the children of Marx". Anarchists were tired of people presenting basically marxist ideas as anarchism. In the following years, several congresses were organized.

In 1997 the term Anarchist International (AI) was officially introduced, although mentioned several times before, say, in International Journal of Anarchism, IJ@ no 10/26 (15) in 1985. The constitution of the Anarchist International AI was officially confirmed on the International Anarchist Congress, i.e. the 5th Anarchist Biennial, arranged by the NAC/IFA/AI in Oslo medio December 1998. The AI is a broader organization and network than the IFA anarchist federations of some countries in the South and North.

The International Journal of Anarchism, IJ@, is the only officially mandated and publicly registered organ of the Anarchist International AI-IFA-IAF. L'Internationale Anarchoféministe, i@f, the Anarcha-Feminst International, founded 1982, is also affiliated to the AI. There are also sections/federations for support work, community action, research and other tendencies of anarchism broadly defined, several founded/reorganized in 1982, i.e. the anarchosyndicalist International Workers of the World - IWW/AI, and The Green Anarchist International Association, GAIA, etc. Also the support network Anarchist Black Cross, ABC, is a part of the Anarchist International.

The AIIS - Anarchist International Information Service at www.anarchy.no, is not only the main international anarchist news-agency of today, and the only mandated and official news-agency of the Anarchist International, it is also engaged in the fight for anarchism world wide. AIIS, named "Anarkistenes Informasjonstjeneste - AIT" in Norwegian, was officially founded in 1994 by the AIUF, and established on Internet in 1996. In 1997 the AIIS was taken over by the AI/IFA-secretariate in Oslo, that had been doing media and information work all of the time since the founding of AFIN in 1977.

In 2001 the real Anarchy online, located in Norway got "competition" from a game called "Anarchy Online" with "Copyright © Funcom 2001, 2002" and web-page at http://www.anarchyonline.com/. Altough it is no surprise that this game was developed in Norway, because Norway has been relatively anarchistic since 1994, and this has inspired many people, it must be mentioned that AFIN, the Anarchist Federation of Norway, has not directly participated in the production of the game, as many may believe. It is Funcom's product, not AFIN's. The game would probably have been quite different if it had been made by AFIN.

However the "Anarchy Online" game is awarded for good quality by "PC-Gamer", and AFIN congratulates the producers, but the game has really very little to do with anarchy and anarchism as defined and promoted at the www.anarchy.no. The virtual social system of the so called "Anarchy Online" is based on hierarchical clans, say, lead by presidents, as the "Rubi-Ka Freedom Fighters", with the president Anthony "Cogs" McDuff (later resigned), i.e. polyarchy, mixed up with the even more hierarchical plutarchy of the "Omni-Tek" enterprise, rivaling "states within the state", i.e. ochlarchy including chaos, and thus has all in all very little to do with anarchy or anarchism, i.e. real, always included green, democracy and significant non-hierarchical organizations. Ochlarchy is mob rule broadly defined, an opposite of anarchy, i.e. real democracy. Although the rebels partly outbalance the plutarchy of "Omni-tek", they are themselves hierarchic polyarchical.

An ochlarchical, chaotic, polyarchical rebellion has nothing to do with anarchy, and historically on planet Tellus, also called Earth, so far such rebellions have mainly lead to dictatorship, not freedom, equality and solidarity, etc., i.e. anarchy. A real anarchy game should be based on the system theory at http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html, not significant hierarchies economical and/or political/administrative as in the game "Anarchy Online". A more correct title would thus have been "Ochlarchy including chaos online" or just "Ochlarchy online" or "Chaos online". Say, Norway is in reality far more anarchy and anarchist than this game.

Thus, people may very well play the game for amusement, but it has about nothing to do with anarchy, and AIIS has never spent much time on it, as we are engaged in promoting real anarchy online, and when people are tired of playing, they should join the Anarchist International, to make real anarchy, more and more all over the world, not waste too much time on childish computer games. Just leave the game as soon as you are tired of it, join the Anarchist International, and work for anarchy, i.e. real democracy, instead, - online as well as generally world wide! To quote "Star Trek" William "Kirk" Shattner: "Get a real life!" - Anarchist Greetings to you, - for the real Anarchy online...

Best regards and @-greetings from Anarchon, a.k.a. The real Pope in Rome, see (click on): IJ@ 1 (40). Source: AIIS.


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