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Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
Invited by UD
24-26 JUNE 2002 WORLD WIDE



1. No to World Bank support to dictatorship and neoliberalist agriculture in the 3rd world for export to OECD countries, making increased starvation and death among poor people.

2. Yes to a new world order of anarchy, as proposed by Bakunin already in the 19th century, including increased birthcontrol . We gotta change the world now!



The ABCDE-Conference, World Bank, UD, etc. should take into account that this resolution is backed by close to 100% solidaric consent from the anarchist and more or less libertarian international's grassroots-organizations world wide.

A consent ballot* i.e. accounting for the grassroots organizations** of the Internationals, etc. mentioned at the official linkpage of the Anarchist International, resulted in close to 100% international consent world wide for the resolution above, i.e. among anarchists as well as semilibertarians to the left and right and syndicalists. The organizations asked in this world wide e-mail consent ballot were:

1. The IFA-federations in the south and north, including the Northern Anarchist Confederation
2. The AI Network in Western Europe, also accounting for green anarchists, groups in the Netherlands and the Swiss Confederation
3. The Anarchist Confederations of Africa, Asia and Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America, i.e. sections of AI
4  The syndicalist IWA/AIT/IAA plus former Swedish IWA/AIT/IAA section SAC. IWA/AIT/IAA linked at .
5. IWW/AI (Anarchosyndicalist International)
6. IAF/AFI (Anarcha-feminist International)
7. AIUF, IFAY, etc. (Anarchist International University Federation including Anarchist Youths, and the available among the FICEDL-network)
8. Other units.

As far as a consent ballot investigation reflects realities, the resolution of AFIN above thus must be seen to have rather general consent among anarchist and libertarian grassroots-organizations broadly defined world wide. All in all these organizations may be estimated to cover more than 90% of the anarchists in the world.

*) Consent in political context means essentially that one "can live with the resolution", not necessarily actively support, "or signing up", as in a referendum or support list. A consent ballot, as opposed to a an ordinary referendum, is an investigation sent to the relevant units, not just a sample/poll, testing positively  who are against, by option for reservations in a simple, free, way. Thus both they who don't care at all, are indifferent, or neglecting the case as well as the positively supporting are accounted for as having consent, i.e can live with the resolution.  A consent ballot is of course only relevant, as in this case, when the working hypothesis is expected to have a relatively broad consent in advance, because the resolution is little controversial seen on the background of similar resolutions from libertarian organizations in related matters and/or general principles. 

The reason for making a consent ballot, and not a referendum or support list, is the experience that libertarian organizations, although talking much and loud of direct or participary democracy and actively support, in practice even in  assumed controversial and principal matters may have weak grassroots respons, i.e. if the resolution doesn't affect the daily life directly for the ones taking the decision. Say, when SAC decided to stay in vs quit the IWA/AIT/IAA in 1959/60 only ca 6% of the members participated actively in the ballot, i.e. referendum. In non-controversial matters as in this ABCDE-case, you hardly get 1% feedback, and probably mixed up heavily with querulents and thus biased, although a large majority probably in reality are positively for or can live with the resolution one way or the other, and thus de facto have consent.

Thus consent ballot is probably the best way to express the preferences, not a referendum or support list, in such cases. They who feel they can't live with it, of course use the option to reply to the e-mail with the proposal with "not supporting". They have also the option to form a NO-organization/faction, etc. In controversial matters with both great principal and practical importance, that will affect the daily life very much for the ones taking the decision, as say the Norwegian EU-question, a referendum is of course the relevant method, not a consent ballot.  

It must however be said that consent in such cases as the ABCDE-resolution is not necessarily the same as actively support of the resolution. Thus, it is not usual to sign up individual units as supporters of the resolution, as in a referendum or support list, results are accounted for only on aggregate level. The essential about consent, that the investigation reflects who can live with the resolution, and who cannot, is however mainly fulfilled if the consent ballot in other ways is fair and technically correct done, and that is correct in this case. We have received only quite marginal negative respons, ca a handful of replies "not supporting" in this case, mainly outside mainstream anarchism. 

NB! Some were negative to getting mixed up with semilibertarians, say, the group 'angiolillo angiolillo' declaring:  "Health! You can include our signature in the letter, but we don't want no relation with "semilibertarian", we are anarchists, no middle term. We hate marxism, we fight against the states in all of their forms...  Anarchy all over!!!"

In this case AFIN and AI were mostly interested in consent from the bulk of anarchist grassroots organizations world wide, not necessarily actively support. In other cases actively support may be asked for, through a referendum or support list. In addition of course anarchists can be asked to participate or form support actions.

** Not accounting the 'supranational' secretariates, that should have no significant executive power in a libertarian international, just coordinating and co-operating functions, i.e. they are just international organs, not really supranational with respect to political/administrative and economical power. More details about the investigation, dialog and results are available via AI. Use the e-mailform on the web-site of the Anarchist International for an update if interested.  

 - IAT - 
The International Anarchist Tribunal  



H. Fagerhus, secretary of AI and editor of IJ@ has several times, i.e. 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.06.2002 used the contact e-mailform of the World Bank Group to achieve dialog with the WB and the ABCDE-Conference. The WB refuses dialog, and doesn't even reply. The last try to get a reply from the World Bank was the following:


The Anarchist International is planning a.o.t. an international e-mail demonstration against the ABCDE-meeting in Oslo last week in June. It will not be spamming, but demonstration and dialog. We would like to have an e-mail contact-adress at the World Bank Group, preferably with a spokesperson that can respond, and seriously receive e-mail from the demo. We look forward to hear from you soon. Are World Bank-workers and officials not interested in dialog with anarchists, i.e. researchers, unions, journalists, etc. ?

S.y. H. Fagerhus, secretary AI
URL and

So far the World Bank is not responding. Thus, we can be quite sure that all the talk of the World Bank about dialog and free criticism is just bluff, and that the WBG slogan that they "dream about a future without powerty" is just a dream.

Furthermore, the Norwegian Constitution declares that "Frimodige ytringer mot statsstyrelsen er tillatt", i.e. brave and boldly, freedomly speech against the authorities, political/administrative and economically broadly defined is allowed. We must remind the World Bank Group and the ABCDE-Conference that this § has the presupposition of dialog and that someone is responding rationally to the freedomly criticism. Thus the ABCDE-Conference/WB invited by the Norwegian State, is not acting according to the Norwegian Constitution.

The International Anarchist Tribunal will also report this break against the Constitution of the Anarchy of Norway to relevant organs, as well as give the World Bank a Brown Card warning. This conduct of the World Bank is criminal!  

Anarchist Greetings
A. Quist

for IAT

Resolution on the ABCDE Conference and Actions

Related to the so called  ABCDE-Conference, arranged by the World Bank last week of June in Norway, several actions are planned.   However at the present, internationally rather well known, situation in Norway , with

1. ca 53% anarchy and thus 47% distance from the 100% anarchist ideal, but only 3-4% from significant authoritarian rule, i.e. more than 50 % authoritarian, and  

2. at present increasing leftist marxist and even more populist right tendencies, and a reactionary, capitalist pressure to join the EU, it will  

3. be extremely harmful to have riots, destruction, looting, in general violent ochlarchy (mob rule) similar to the Gothenburg, Genoa, etc., events in 2001. In general ochlarchy is not anarchy or anarchist.  

The anarchists in Norway do all of the time actions to sustain and increase the degree of anarchy, i.e. working for more freedom, equality, solidarity and the other libertarian principles including real, anarchist law and order, and not the opposite, say, act as the "useful" idiots of Lenin and other authoritarians,  i.e. play the game of marxism, populism/fascism, liberalism and ochlarchy -  the negation of anarchy.   

Thus, the Anarchist Federation of Norway (AFIN) has unanimously decided that the ABCDE case mainly shall be treated as a domestic affair, based on  the anarchist principles of autonomy and decentralization etc.

Persons and groups that don't respect this decision are considered as enemies of AFIN and thus not anarchist. 

Protests against the ABCDE-Conference from EU citizens should be located to EU, say, in front of relevant embassies, and not in Norway. In case of such actions within the EU, they should of course be done in an anarchist, i.e. orderly way, with dignity. Similar for other countries world wide. Say, we have enough of problems with muslim fundamentalists and the EU and Eastern European mafia, especially the stalinist rooted Albanian, already; as well as local based ochlarchy, so we don't need even more mob rule here in Norway.  

If in spite of  AFIN's  decision, some persons or groups are, hopefully not,  planning to go to Norway to "demonstrate", we call for international solidarity to report about such hostile authoritarian groups,  by sending a note on it to the Anarchist International's security council at  the e-mail adress: . 

Such  groups and persons acting against AFIN's autonomous decision are certainly not welcome to the Anarchy of Norway, and may face the music one way or the other.

Autonomy, decentralization and other anarchist principles mean a.o.t.  selfmanagement of domestic affaires,  in this case and generally. This resolution is also consistent with the general framework of anarchism and libertarian science, praxeology and politics presented at .  

In case of an authoritarian coup d'etat in Norway or other emergency later on (not very likely), or other events, the situation may be different, and perhaps call for other forms of international solidarity actions. AFIN will keep you updated.


Anarchist greetings
K. Jørgensen
Information  Secretary

14.06.2002: The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Utenriksdepartementet, UD, admits that they are behind and have invited the World Bank and the ABCDE-Conference to Oslo 24-26 June 2002 and mainly support their policy. They are collaborationists with the World Bank Group, and the so called "development" state councillor of UD, Hilde Frafjord Johnson (Kr.f , Christian Democrat, participating in the co-operate comrades' state council) will also officially open the ABCDE-Conference on Monday. The UD and ms Johnson also have a tendency to neglect the mistakes of World Bank and IMF, and think they "have improved" and wrongly think their neoliberalistical and sometimes social-democrat and populist policy is progressive. "Ms Johnson is a bit naive, and acts like the "useful" idiot of authoritarian and plutarchist tendencies, including ABCDE, WB, IMF and corrupt bureaucrats of more or less dictatorial regimes in UN," says K. Jørgensen of AFIN.

Update: VG 21.06.2002 reports that a 'police source' says both the PM Kjell Magne Bondevik of the Norwegian State Council (STACO) and the president of the World Bank James Wolfensohn will contribute to the opening of the ABCDE-Conference on Monday. "I would not even shake hands with mr Wolfensohn for all the money in the World Bank", says S. Olsen, spokesman of the Norwegian Anarchist Council (NACO): "Norway should never have invited this World Bank plutarchist dictator supporters. This is a big shame for the whole Anarchy.".

Update 24.06.2002: Hilde Frafjord Johnson in co-operation with Kjell Magne Bondevik opened the World Bank conference in Oslo Monday by saying that the "same rules had to apply to rich and poor alike, and that the first step to level conditions was to get them 'playing the same game'". "The relationship between the rich and poor world is not like a football match - they are not playing on the same field, they don't agree on the rules and there is no referee," Bondevik said Monday.  The World Bank said that it was "on the right track to ease poverty", and had shifted in recent years to cut debt burdens, combat corruption and boost education and health in developing nations, moving away from simply imposing tough capitalist economic cures as conditions for loans meant to help the poor. "The focus is more on poverty reduction," World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern told a news conference at the opening of a three-day Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics attended by about 300 academics and politicians. "If  the powerty problem was ca 0% on the agenda before, it is probably less than 1% now, when accounting for practical policy and actions, deeds and not words," says K. Jørgensen of AFIN. (Wolfensohn didn't show up because of an illness.)

18.06.2002: Demonstrators gag Vigeland statues. The demonstrations against next week's World Bank meeting in Oslo got off to an early start on Tuesday. A group of activists tied white cloths around the mouths of all the statues in the Frogner Park, calling it a symbolic protest against World Bank politics. . "We have gagged the statues because World Bank politics take away from people the right to self-determination," said one of the activists from a group calling itself "Sinnataggens venner," or "Friends of Sinnataggen", the name given a statue depicting a toddler having a temper tantrum. All the statues made in the early 1900s by artist Gustav Vigeland were gagged with white cloths, except "Sinnataggen," which was adorned with a red cloth. Each cloth bears the name of a country, city or part of the world that the activists claim is affected by World Bank politics. The group also mounted banners along the bridge in the park, where many of the statues are clustered, demanding "No More Slavery" and describing the activists' mission in more detail. The activists claimed they were following in the footsteps of the artist Christo, known for his unusual outdoor exhibitions.

Oslo braces for World Bank meeting. Extra border patrols are already in place and police have called in reinforcements as officials batten down the hatches in advance of next week's World Bank meeting in Oslo. Downtown merchants fear violence and damage on the shops. Pet shop owner Kjell Sterner isn't taking any chances. He plans to camp out in his shop during the World Bank meeting, in an effort to protect his possession.  At least one shop owner plans to camp out in his store, so he can be ready to board up windows and otherwise protect it. Many merchants dread the meeting, which as mentioned runs from June 24-26. The National Theater train station downtown will be closed from 5pm to 9pm on Monday, while access will be restricted at the main central station. Train traffic itself, however, was due to run as normal. Railroad officials said they were closing the station "with regard to passenger safety in connection with a planned demonstration against the World Bank's meeting in Oslo." The meeting itself will be held high in the hills above downtown Oslo, at the elegant Holmenkollen Park Hotel. The hotel often serves as a site for sensitive gatherings, in part because its accessibility can relatively easily be restricted.

Demonstrations expected in connection with the meeting are likely to occur downtown, even though that will be several kilometers away from the target of the demonstrators' ire. Stores and businesses along main downtown arteries and squares are especially on guard. Border patrols have lists with the names of at least 500 foreign activists who will be turned away if they try to enter Norway. The activists were among those arrested under last year's violent demonstrations in Gothenburg, and at other previous clashes within Europe. The police are using border controls in an effort to prevent violence at next week's World Bank meeting. Oslo police also are busy training their own forces and those brought in from around the country in crowd control and countering violence. Moreover, 20 courtrooms and 20 judges will be standing by to quickly handle any cases where police seek to hold demonstrators in custody. A special holding facility has been constructed at the site of the a Civil Defense camp in Oslo's Aarvoll district. Police are also preparing to encounter pure troublemakers. Several activist groups, including the anarchists, have extracted promises from demonstrators to refrain from violence. 

19.06.2002: Warning about neonazi infiltration in G8, EU and ABCDE demonstrations. From L.S.: "Neo-nazis posing as anti-G8 activists. Just a heads-up......something else to look out for at the upcoming G8 protests. This exact same tactic was used in Genoa when 600 neo-nazis collaborated with police to justify a brutal crackdown on left-wing political dissent and anarchists. This is a heads-up that a neo-nazi group, called the National Alliance, operating throughout North America including Alberta has sent out a press release and posted a website under the name of "Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN)" in advance of the upcoming G8 Summit. The idea that these boneheads are in some way part of a "broad coalition of often contradictory interests" as indicated in their release is as insulting as it is ludicrous." - Similar mob rulers, ochlarchs, may of course also infiltrate, provoke and pose as "anarchists" in Norway at the ABCDE-demonstrations and in Spain at the EU-demonstrations there. The purpose is to make chaos, falsely rename it "anarchy" and later call for the "strong man", the arch, with a pseudolaw and "order" authoritarian, "the boss is always right" party, and compromise and throw shit on the anarchist movement and the idea of freedom and the libertarian in general vis-a-vis the media and the people, to make people falsely believe freedom an anarchy is disorder, chaos, and ochlarchy, and thus unrealistic, an utopian dream, impossible to implement and that "strong rule" and dictatorships are preferable.

Oslo prepares for street violence by "autonomous" marxian groups. Vehicles will not be allowed to stop in downtown Oslo from Saturday morning until Thursday. The planned demonstration against the World Bank meeting on Monday will also affect public transport.

The red line shows police barricades, the blue line the planned route of the main protest march.
  • Saturday to Sunday:
    From 8am Saturday until Wednesday midnight vehicles will not be allowed to stop in downtown Oslo. Exceptions are allowed for taxi stands, bus and tram stops, as well as short stops outside hotels.
    Goods deliveries during this period must be cleared with the Police Traffic Exchange (PTS). This must be done shortly before delivery as downtown conditions may change. The telephone number is: 22 70 56 50.

  • Monday evening:
    The demonstration parade begins at 6pm. From 5pm until 9pm the subway stations at the National Theater, parliament and central rail station will close. Grønland subway station will be open but the Vaterlandsparken entrance will shut at 7pm. The entrance at Grønland's Torg will be open.

  • Taxis: Taxi stands on street level will be moved out of the area from 5pm Monday.
    Source: Oslo Police

  • The stoppage ban on vehicles will be in force from 8am Saturday until midnight Wednesday. No parking at street level will be allowed during this period. "This means that we are readying the streets for the demonstrations against the World Bank. In addition there may be situations where other groups that wish to protest may attack cars. To avoid this it is important to have clear streets," said Inger Elisabeth Hindahl, information chief for the Oslo police district. There will also be a ban on placing garbage cans or any other objects that are not part of the normal city landscape. Police want to prevent demonstrators from having access to potential missiles. Hindahl apologized for the problems that this would entail but said that they were necessary precautions and were being taken in the best interests of the city's residents and their possessions. "We hope and believe that the demonstrations will be peaceful but after having seen what has happened in other cities under similar circumstances, we cannot be naive. That is why it is necessary to take precautions to avoid widespread damage," Hindahl said.

    Police and the traffic department will cooperate to make sure the emergency regulations are enforced, with police being in charge of operations. Traffic officials recommend that people follow the posted signs carefully and find alternative parking outside of the city center. Owners of towed cars will be hit with stiff fines. Oslo Tramways will cut services during the World Bank summit. "At police request public transport inside Ring 1 will be halted during the main demonstration on Monday. This means that buses and trams will turn outside of Ring 1 from 5pm," said Bjoern Rydmark, information head for Oslo Tramways. The main subway stations - at the central railway station, parliament, and the National Theater - will be closed during the march. Otherwise subway traffic will run as normal, Rydmark said. "We advise people to find alternative methods of transport or to try and get off work early that day," Rydmark said. Earlier several newsmedia in Oslo have warned about a lot of foreign "autonomous" groups, i.e. marxian leftist commies and marxist-lubbeists, have planned to invade the city and make chaos and trouble. These so called "autonomous" groups are not really for autonomy, but for ochlarchy and council communist leftist, collectivist or leninist type rule, i.e. statism disguised as "workers control" and not autonomy for the people.

    The local Oslo "autonomous" marxian group of red & brown shitbags, i.e. ochlarchs, is "Blitz", trying to "Reclaim the Streets" through an illegal chaos-party in the Vaterlandspark at ca 9pm Monday. They are a good example that marxism is the infantile disorder of socialism. Some of these commies also sometimes falsely are posing as anarchists. We have seen this shit before. The purpose is a) to make chaos, falsely rename it "anarchy" and later call for the "strong man" - a "Lenin", Lillevolden (a "Blitz" boss, declared "uavhengig kommunist", "independent communist") or similar, i.e an arch or oligarchy, with a pseudolaw and "order" authoritarian "the vanguard is always right" party, marxian collectivist, lubbeist, leftist, leninist, and/or council communist, and b) to compromise and throw shit on the anarchist movement and the idea of freedom and the libertarian in general vis-a-vis the media and the people, to make people falsely believe freedom and anarchy is disorder, chaos, and ochlarchy, or a "bourgeois prejudice", and thus unrealistic, an utopian dream, impossible to implement and that "strong rule" and "proletarian" dictatorships are preferable. These ochlarchical shitbags could as well stay home. We know very well what they are up to, and their ideology, i.e. rabid "anti-" and nothing sound for anything valid, just marxian more or less leftism with a lot of ochlarchy. Everybody should boycott this chaos party and ask these oclarchical shitbags to stay home by mum and dad where they belong. By the way, the word 'shitbag, 'drittsekk' in Norwegian, was made internationally famous by the environmental councillor of the state council (STACO), Thorbjørn Berntsen from Labor, who on BBC/SKY-NEWS mid 1990s called the British environmental minister by that 'name'.

    24.06.2002: Only about 1000-2000 participated at the "Blitz" party, it was tagging and some bullies, but quite few were falsely posing as "anarchists". A quiet harmless event compared to what they usually are up to. 25.06.2002: A few "autonomous" foreign marxian groups falsely posing as anarchist youths are registred in Oslo related to the "Blitz" environment. The International Federation of Anarchist Youth and the International Anarchist Tribunal at once send out a warning about these 'persona non grata' provokers infiltrating the anarchist movement, see (click on:) . These provokers should take their hats/masks/uniforms and leave as soon as possible if they are up to something ochlarchical, and they are not very welcome in any case, see AFIN's resolution above. However this ochlarchy seems to be a rather marginal problem as the foreign "autonomous" groups plus "Blitz" make up only ca 200 persons having a party in three occupied old houses, "gamle kåker", with tagging etc. A spokesman for "Blitz" expresses they plan no big time violent riots... However you can't trust these brown & red marxian "autonomous" shitbags very much. Time will show what they are up to.... But they are all too few to turn the town upside down similar to Gothenburg and Genoa! However the false "autonomy" of "Blitz" is "freedom" collectively and/or individually to ochlarchy, i.e. ochlarchy, the opposite of anarchy. Ochlarchy is mob rule, freedom at others expense, not freedom without deprivation of others freedom, freedom at one's own expense, i.e. anarchy.

    Tough policeman demonstrates how he may 'show the finger', 'vise fingern',
    at marxian, nihilist/populist and neonazi ochlarchs 24-26 June in Oslo City!
    A police superior expressed this was not polite, but who cares...
    In addition to the police, also the LO-union, where several anarchists are members,
    will put militants on guard against the ochlarchy!

    LO critical of World Bank. The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (Landsorganisasjonen, LO), internationally sometimes called the National Confederation of the Workers, or Confederatión Nacional del Trabajo in Spanish, is asking Norwegian delegates to the World Bank conference on development to be held in Oslo next week, as well as senior officials at the Bank, to press for employees’ rights and efforts to combat poverty. In a letter to the Foreign Ministry, UD, the LO expresses strong criticism of the World Bank’s activities, writes the union newspaper, LO-Nytt. "For years the World Bank has pursued policies which have aroused concern and opposition the world over." Several anarchists and anarchosyndicalists are members of the LO, and double members with the NSF affiliated to IWA/AIT/IAA, the International Workers of the World's Norwegian section and/or AFIN. These anarchists and syndicalists have worked as factions within the LO, and a.o.t. proposed resolutions to the LO-congresses and actions. LO has a lot of political tendencies from individualist anarchists to leninists, reformist and revolutionary, but the organization of today is mainly leftist and socialdemocrat marxian, with the red & brown matriarch, former militant of the KUL - the leninist "Kommunistisk Universitetslag", Gerd Liv Valla as top official. LO members will stand guard related to the ABCDE-demonstrations to stop provokers and ochlarchy in agreement with the Norwegian section of the International Workers of the World and several action committes.

    Festival vs World Bank, Festival mot Verdensbanken, 23.06.2002.16.00. Several Norwegian bands are playing at Kontraskjæret outside Akershus castle.

    OSLO 2002 is an umbrella organization made to protest against the ABCDE-Conference and the World Bank. OSLO 2002 is behind the main demonstration at 18.00 Monday. 56 unions, groups and organizations are members. Nei til EU, No to EU, is a main organization of OSLO 2002. Several AFIN-members are also members of No to EU, and thus the anarchists are partly associated to the OSLO 2002, and support the No to EU faction in the umbrella organization. The majority of the participants in OSLO 2002 are however not anarchistic, but have a marxian leftist or leninist tendency. A main aim is to protest what they claim is the World Bank's support for 'globalization'. The anarchists however stand firm on their own resolutions mentioned above.

    With riot scenes from last year's meeting in Gothenburg fresh in their minds, OSLO 2002 have insisted they'll be peaceful and are urging their troops to refrain from violence. To use mask is forbidden by OSLO 2002. AFIN also repeats the general point of view of the Anarchist International: "No anarchist demonstrates in uniform. Anarchists are against all political movements demonstrating in uniform". A group within OSLO 2002 will arrange an alternative party to the so called "Reclaim the Streets" of the "Blitz" ochlarchs at the same time Monday evening. This peaceful party will be arranged in the Kuba-park at Grünerløkka with "music, grilling and small talk" according to Aftenposten. 24.06.2002: The anarchist action of AFIN in Norway and of the Anarchist International world wide against the World Bank, the ABCDE-Conference and UD, etc. is on! 19.00 ca 10 000 anarchists and other groups are demonstrating in Oslo according to the program. The action guards keep the situation calm, and the police is practically invisible. NRK-TV1 "Dagsrevyen" reporting from the demonstration opens up with showing an anarchist flag. MORE ANARCHY IS ON IN OSLO! The demonstration was a peaceful, partylike event with banners and flags in a lot of colors and with different types of slogans. (A small attempt to make trouble was put out, without any involvment from the police.)

    Ca 10 000 persons are demonstrating against the World Bank and the ABCDE-Conference in Oslo 24.06.2002
    The main slogans of OSLO2002: "Our world is not for sale. Stop the World Bank's market-coercion."

    Police acting libertarian in Norway at the ABCDE-event 24-26.06.2002 in Oslo, i.e. real, anarchist law and order.

    Police acting authoritarian in Spain similar to at the EU-meeting 21-22.06.2002 in Seville. "Order" achieved by repression in this way is not real, anarchist, law and order. Click on to se more pictures from Spain. The situation in Seville related to the EU-meeting was horrible and authoritarian, and demonstrations were problematic. The anarchists in Spain however raised their voice, but they were not heard as much as in Oslo.

    The international media were not very interested in the ABCDE-event and the demonstrations in Oslo. The newsmedia are perhaps more interested in reporting about big time ochlarchy, falsely rename it "anarchy" and call for the arch and strong rule, than in real anarchy and libertarian actions. However BBC reported the following: "The World Bank has signalled that the time for real action against world poverty has come. But critics in the streets of Oslo, where the meeting is taking place, say that the Bank is part of the problem, not the solution.... About 300 demonstrators are expected in Oslo amid tight police security. Last year, the World Bank abandoned attempts to hold a similar conference in Barcelona and held the debate online instead after mass demonstrations by anti-globalisation protesters paralysed the city." "Well... as mentioned, the 24.06.2002 demonstration was a peaceful event, and ca 10 000 persons with "grandmothers, small kids, mandated persons to the Storting, anarchists, LO-bosses, etc." participated, as Dagbladet mentions 25.06.2002," says K. Jørgensen of AFIN: "This event also demonstrates that an anarchist system as we have in Norway, may have much more peace and order connected to direct mass actions, than what have been typical related to similar demonstrations in the more authoritarian systems of EU and America. In this way we have changed the world a bit already, and it is perhaps also a small start of a new world order of anarchy?"

    UD is known as one of the most authoritarian units of the Norwegian central administration, a dangerous "state within the state", pro EU, and with a "Yes.. minister" style of ruling based on their own bureaucrats private policy, against the interests and above the heads of the people, anarchists included. It has even redistributet mail for German neonazis. The direct ABCDE-action was also a lesson for the UD-leaders inviting to the ABCDE-Conference. Even the UD's usually arrogant statist and capitalist internationally directed propaganda organ, "Odin English News", reported rather objectively about this direct action: "The mass demonstration against the World Bank turned into an enthusiastic but peaceful political carnival. A team of headcounters from the organization No to the EU recorded 12,600 demonstrators in the colourful march through the city centre. 'We hope that Oslo has reversed the trend that we have seen in other cities in the world'...."

    The Vigeland Park has many statues. The most interesting are perhaps the Monolith, the Fountain and the 'Ring with the fighting man', see pictures below. The anarchist Jens Bjørneboe introduced the term "monolithic state", probably inspirited by Vigeland's monolith, a symbol of the totalitarian state in societal perspective. The Fountain represents on the other hand anarchy, with several persons coordinate on equal footing, co-operating without coercion to produce according to human needs. The 'Ring with the fighting man', may be interpreted as a symbol of organization and the fight against statism and plutarchy and other evils of life. "However anarchism is about realities, symbolic actions are only interesting as far as they contribute to change realities", says K. Jørgensen of AFIN.

    The 'Ring with the fighting man' with "Raise your voice - Oslo 22-26 June" written on a black banner up front


    The "Fountain", a symbol of coordination on equal footing and co-operation without coercion, i.e. anarchy.

    The "Monolith", a symbol of the monolithic, totalitarian State, founded on the arch, oligarchy, plutarchy, ochlarchy and terror etc.,
    the negation of anarchy and freedom.

    Anarchist International Embassy in Oslo
    l'ambassade du monde libertaire


    26.06.2002: AN "OPEN LETTER TO UD/WB/ABCDE FROM THE ANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL WORLD WIDE" was sent by the AIE to the WBG, UD and the main Norwegian Embassies world wide, plus the foreign embassies in Oslo and the main international newsmedia, with a copy of this whole html-file updated ca 14.00. The AIE will also draw attention to the general debate on development economics etc. internationally and in Norway at and . The NRK reports that the ABCDE-Conference didn't come up with a common agreement or anything really new in this context. Thus, it is nothing to comment in addition to what is mentioned above at the moment.

    It was a great libertarian mainly domestic affair and demonstration in Norway, Oslo, with ca 10 000 participating in a protest march against the policy of the World Bank, in a country with ca 4.5 million inhabitants and Oslo with ca 500 000 citizens. The anarchists have raised their voice in Norway and internationally in this context, and this html-file will stay on the Internet as a reminder and a starting point for further dialog, discussions and actions for a new world order of anarchy. So long!



    G. Johnson

    ABCDE-action coordinator and c. d'a. AIE


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